Midterm part 2

Midterm 2
For this assignment, I have comprised two ideas that I think would benefit our experience in this course. I think we would stay more attentive in class and have a closer relationship with each other as well as have better class discussions.
One of my ideas for the “MAKE” kind of consists of two ideas in one. It is to have everyone pick a country that they want to go to, that they have always liked, or that they may have been to. Then you would research some of their most famous dishes. For example, let’s say I pick Thailand. I would research food that Thai people eat (whether that was during a holiday or just a family dinner) and then I would write down which sounds the most interesting or appetizing. Then I would research whether it is a lunch, dinner, or dessert dish. After that, I would research the delicacies of this dish and different ways people eat it.
Everyone in class would participate in this assignment and all cook the dish that they had found. Then they could bring it in for everyone to try.
However, this assignment may be expensive depending on what dish they picked. I was thinking that we could all come together for a fundraising of our own to help our learning activity. That would be fun!
My other idea is for the class to write down their favorite food (no matter what kind). Something they eat regularly. Then we put it in a basket. No names, all anonymous. Each Tuesday we pick one and all guess who it was that wrote the food. Then we would decide who will get each ingredient based on what the recipe calls for. After that, we would decide when we were cooking it. I would most likely guess the following Tuesday so that everyone has time to get the ingredients. Then we find a place to cook it on campus.
One possibility would be to cook it at the Rampantry if they allowed. If not, then I guess we would search for another place. If that doesn’t work, then one of us could volunteer to bring in hot plates or other travel cookware that we could cook the food on. Then we would all cook it together and eat together.
We could even have some volunteers to record it and talk to the camera about what they are doing while they are cooking. Like a cooking show. We could even rotate people and do this every two weeks. That way everyone could get a chance to be a cook, a host, a taste tester, or a cameraman.
I think this activity would definitely be a great hands experience!

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