Week 1 | Lecture


Welcome to Class!

This week we will focus in on the concept of a disability, examine how the environment interacts with disabilities, and we will look at history.  For these activities you will want to have an updated computer browser.

If we were in a face to face class, I would try to keep you engaged.  This is a virtual attempt to create some engaging online activities. There are 4 activities for you to complete as part of the ” lecture.”

You should spend about 90 minutes on the activities and then move onto the discussion.

Activity 1:  What is a disability?

Review history and trends of special education.

  1. Try to find historical examples of people with disabilities for each individual listed
  2. Add the information to the chart.
Activity 3   Environment and Individuals Disabilities
There are many environmental factors that influence individuals with disabilities.
Before we begin this activity there are three key ideas you need to keep in mind.
1. It is important not to blame the mother.  (Historically, this has been a trend.  Disabilities were blamed on the mother.)
2. Individuals with a disability are not objects of experiments.  They are people.  When we look at the research we can forget this simple fact.
3. Much of the neurological research in the 20th century was based on a theory that brain development was relatively static.
We will look more at this during the next few classes.
I guess the point I would like to make is there are concerns about the environment changing the brain.
For now, choose to read  Mother Jones about lead in our environment, or to listen to Radio Lab summary of some of the early brain research in primates.
Over the next few weeks, I want you, our future special education teachers, to FLIP the issue.    I am going to want us to explore what teachers can do to help 1. Prevent disabilities, 2. Educate the community about disabilities, and 3. Help individuals with a disability to participate in our community.
Again, we will talk more about this.
Activity 4 Syllabus Scavenger Hunt

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