Week 10 | Discussions

Discussion Question: What have you learned?


This course had a focus on characteristics and identification of individuals with disabilities. 

For this discussion, create a short video using http://www.screenr.com/ (no more than 5 minutes) that will share what you have learned in this course about characteristics and identification of students with disabilities. Please use a short PowerPoint in helping to guide your video. You must address:

1. What are the types of high incidence disabilities that you will encounter in your classrooms?

2. What are some evidence-based instructional strategies and supports for students with disabilities?

3. What professional organizations are available for support for teachers, students, and families?

4. How this information impacts your current or future teaching practice?


Respond to at least two of your classmates. 

Provide constructive feedback on the post. Compare your understanding with those of your peers and discuss how you plan to use this information to support your teaching and learning. Response to your peer posts are due by Sunday

Please provide your response below.

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