Week 10

Congratulations! You have made it to the final week on the course. This course has presented an overview of characteristics and identification of individuals with Learning Disabilities, Emotional and Behavior Disorders, Intellectual Disabilities, Developmental Delay, ASD, traumatic brain injury, and OHI throughout the lifespan. You have researched and designed information throughout this course that will be useful in your current or future practice. During this final week, you will finalize research assignment. Finally, you will submit your assignment to your Electronic Portfolio (M.Ed. Students).

Assignment Due Date Design Point Value
 Discussion Board Initial post due – Thursday
Sunday – Response Post
 Discussion Board  4
Professional Organization Due Sunday (midnight)  Research Report  30
Week Learning Outcome
1. Analyze overall characteristics of high incidence disabilities.
2. Use effective instructional strategies for students with high incidence disabilities.
3. Evaluate what you have learned in the course.
4. Submit Case Study to electronic portfolio.

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