Week 2 | Assignment

Adult Case Study Assignment

For the next 4 weeks, you will begin working on the “Adult Case Study” assignment.  The Case Study is a well written 8-10 page paper, using correct APA style.  To begin, you must identify an adult with a high incidence disability (learning disability, emotional disturbance, or mild intellectual disability, etc.) and interview the individual regarding their personal life story.

The interview should be comprehensive in nature, focusing on the complete individual and

  • How his/her disability impacts his or her life (struggles, challenges, and triumphs) in the areas of:
    • Education,
    • Daily living,
    • Employment,
    • Social/Emotional functioning,
    • Familial; and
    • Community activities (include influence of culture when appropriate).
    • Students must note any critical incidents, including the onset and/or the identification and evaluation process.  The candidate must use the model for success (provided in class) to provide a judgment about opportunities (both afforded and missed) and future directions.

The candidate will research the disability and reference at least 3 peer-reviewed journal articles or text and give a realistic picture of the strengths and limitations of the “typical” individual with the diagnosis and then make comparisons of similarities and differences between the subject and research information.

Additional Guidelines for Case Study Paper:

·       APA style and rules for citations and references

·       Provide history of what the disorder is.

·       Provide what the typical characteristics/assessments are associated with the disorder.

·       Provide Prevalence and etiology information associated with the disorder.

·       Instructional implications associated with the disorder.

·       References (minimum of 5 articles found in peer-reviewed journals no more than 5-8 years old)

Please note that this is a Key Assignment for M.Ed. Students: Portfolio Components/Key Assignments required for this course:  Some Portfolio Components are also Key Assignments.  Portfolio Components must be placed into all M.Ed. Candidate’s Professional portfolio for a final evaluation at the end of their program of study.  If you are not a M.Ed. candidate, it is still recommended that you keep copies of all course assignments in a personal portfolio.

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