Week 2 | Lecture


1. Define high incidence disabilities

2. Identify and define communication disorders.

3. Explain early intervention for disabilities.

4. Describe the major causes of high incidence disabilities and communication disorders.

Activity 1 & 2
 Define high and low incidence disabilities
Step 1: Read this …Click Here  (If your device has flash, the computer can read the page to you.)
Step 2:  Include  your definition after activity 2.
Activity 2
Define communication disorders….
There are different interpretations of communication disorders.  The textbook has a wonderfully comprehensive definition.   IF we were in a face to face class we would break up into small groups and we would jigsaw the definition together.  In the virtual world, I have created a virtual jigsaws.
Activity 3
Describe early intervention programs.
Activity 4  Describe the reasons students might need early intervention programs.

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