Week 3

Welcome to Week 3! For the past two weeks, you have learned about special education trends and specifics about high incidence disabilities.  For this week, you will be provided information relating to the characteristics and development of students with specific disabilities to include Attention Hyperactivity Disorder, and characteristics of developmental disabilities in elementary and secondary settings. Don’t forget to activate your knowledge from the past two weeks to support you in understanding this week’s information. Good luck!

Week Learning Outcome
1. Evaluate elementary characteristics and development of students with disabilities.
2. Evaluate middle and high school characteristics of students with disabilities.
3. Analyze students with ADHD.
4. Identify and explain assessments and evaluation practices for students with ADHD.
Assignment Due Date Design Point Value
 Discussion Board Initial post due – Thursday
Sunday – Response Post
 Discussion Board  4
Adult Case Study Sunday – End of Week 5  Research Report  50

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