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Discussion Question: Learning Disabilities

Review the following LD scenarios below:
Scenario 1:  

Joey is a four-year-old preschooler with significant expressive language delays in comparison to the skills of a typical four-year old, despite his average ability. These delays manifest through Joey’s ability to demonstrate pre-literacy skills (e.g., letter recognition and answering simple questions about a story) and his communications with classmates. Joey’s IEP goals emphasize responding verbally to interactions with his teachers and peers. He has many routines during the school day including morning circle time, center time, recess, small group work, and transitions between activities.

How can you use embedded learning opportunities (ELOs) to help Joey make progress towards his IEP goals?

Scenario 2:

Jasmine was recently found eligible for special education services as a seventh grader with a specific learning disability based on a 15 point discrepancy between her ability (standard score of 98) and achievement (standard score of 80) in reading. Jasmine particularly has difficulty with reading comprehension, especially for large sections of text. Because she working towards mastery of grade level information based on the Virginia Standards of Learning just like her peers, Jasmine receives special education services within the general education environment. A special education teacher co-teaches with the general education teacher for her language arts and social studies classes. The social studies co-teachers are planning a lesson on US History using readings from some primary sources and the social studies textbook. These readings are written at an almost ninth grade level.

How might the co-teachers differentiate to ensure Jasmine comprehends the important information from the lesson?

Share your ideas for addressing the learning needs of ONE of the students described in the scenarios here.  Post ideas for how you might support each student. 

Respond to at least two of your classmates. Provide constructive feedback on the post. Compare your understanding with those of your peers and discuss how you plan to use this information to support your teaching and learning. What did others think of that you did not? Response to your peer posts are due by Sunday

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