Week 4 | Lecture


1. Identify and analyze the characteristics of a student with learning disability.
2. Evaluate the major causes of learning disabilities.
3. Illustrate instructional practices to support this disability.
4. Identify and explain assessments and evaluation practices for students with a learning disability.

Activity 1

Read through the chapter to learn about some of the characteristics/ causes of learning disabilities.
Here are some points I would like to make.
  1. Learning disabilities (true learning disabilities) can be seen when brain scans are taken.  The brains seem to be wired differently.
  2. In most cases students with learning disabilities can advance in the general education curriculum with supports.
  3. Because the definition of a learning disability has changed, many teachers in the classroom use the older definition.
  4. How you approach students with Specific Learning Disabilities depends on the student, but it also depends on your philosophy.   Do you view Special Education as a service or a place?
Let me hear your voice!
Activity 2

Activity 3

The following video has helpful tips.  How many examples of scaffolding are you seeing or hearing?   (You won’t respond here)

Activity 4

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