Week 7 | Assignment

Disability Research PowerPoint Assignment

You will have 3 weeks to work on this assignment.

For this assignment, you will explore a specific disability in a different category than the one experienced by the individual in the Case Study assignment but can align with your Professional Organization Paper that is done later in the course.  

Imagine that you had to create a presentation for teachers at your school to introduce a specific disability. 

In a 20 slide presentation (excluding title and reference slide) that includes a minimum of three scholarly resources cited in APA formatting, use either PowerPoint or Prezi (www.prezi.com) to create a presentation for your professional peers that includes:

  1. Name of the disorder/disability
  2. Description of the disorder and etiology
  3. The cause/origin (or probable cause) of the disability 
  4. Describe the physical characteristics of the disability
  5. Explain the treatment alternatives 
  6. Level of functioning (IQ and adaptive or emotional/ behavior skills) associated with the disability
  7. Learning characteristics that have been described in textjournal articles and research, and internet readings of individuals with the selected disability.  
  8. Instructional programming implications.
  9. List of references used for the research.

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