Week 7 | Lecture

Week Learning Outcome

1. Identify students with autism.

2. Evaluate students with autism.

3. Demonstrate effective instructional strategies to teach children with autism.

4. Assess the progress of students with autism and how to include them in general education classes.

There are different groups of people taking this class. Some people have extensive experience working with students with Autism, others have probably heard of Autism, but they don’t know much about it.   To help differentiate instruction, this week we have a choose your own adventure activity….

ACTIVITY 1 Demonstrate effective techniques for teaching students with Autism

 I know what ABA is….                                 I don’t know what ABA Is…

Activity 2…. Identify students with autism.


Activity 3 Assessing student progress within the general education class. 

Read the following Peer Reviewed Journal Article, and then answer the questions below. Link to the article Open Saunders, Bethune, Spooner, and Browder ‎(2013)‎ Solving the Common Core Equation.



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