Week 8 | Lecture

One of my real struggles in creating online class activities is I find it difficult to replicate the classroom activities.  For this week, I have three separate activities designed to match a set of activities I used in the face to face class.  There is a pre test/ post test, a textbook activity where you will create Venn Diagrams, and some videos (you don’t have to watch all of them).
Activity 1:
Activity 2: Textbook Activity…How are sensory disabilities similar to other disabilities that we have talked about….
Directions: Use the following website: http://www.classtools.net/education-games-php/venn_intro to create a Series of Venn Diagrams.  Use your textbook!
1. About laws….
2. Teaching Strategies
Activity 3 Sensory Disabilities Video Issue Sampler
Video 1
Activity 4:
Final thoughts… What do your textbook authors say about inclusion for students that are deaf?
Post Test

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