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Behavior Contracts are useful tools for teachers working on a behavior plan with one particular student. The following articles explain about behavior contracts, give directions on how to write behavioral contracts, and give examples of several 

pre-made contracts for students. Examine all four sites below.

Behavior Contacts: What Are They? How Do They Help?

http://specialed.about.com/cs/behaviordisorders/a/behavcontract.htm How to Create a Behavior Contract

A Sample Behavior Contract for Teachers

Behavior Contracts: Printables

After examining all four sites, answer the following questions.  

  • Do you think a behavior contract may work for you when you are teaching?
  • When would you use a behavior contract?
  • What would happen if you overused behavior contracts as an intervention?

Respond to at least two of your classmates. 

Provide constructive feedback on the post. Compare your understanding with those of your peers and discuss how you plan to use this information to support your teaching and learning. Response to your peer posts are due by Sunday

Please provide your response below.

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