Week 9

During Week 9, you will evaluate emotional and behavior disorders.  Here you will learn how to identify students with emotional or behavior disorders.  You will learn how to evaluate students and how to design an appropriate education program for this population.  You will evaluate and assess the many and broad disorders and characteristics associated with EBD, and how evaluation is intended to provide progress that teachers can use to include these students in the general education environment. Continue to collaborate with your partners and please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.  

Assignment Due Date Design Point Value
 Discussion Board Initial post due – Thursday
Sunday – Response Post
 Discussion Board  4
Professional Organization Sunday – End of Week 10  Research Report  30


Week Learning Outcome
1. Identify students with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders.
2. Use effective instructional strategies for students with EBD.
3. Analyze how to include students with EBD in the general classroom.
4. Assess the progress of students with these EBD and how to include them in general education classes.

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