MHIS243 ThoughtsOnListening

Thoughts on Listening- Eric Seigle

I like the bell or gong instrument starting at 00:04- 00:16- 00:28 and so on. I love how they get louder and louder which makes it feel like you are getting closer and closer to the music. I could see this type of sound be used during a movie when havoc is going on. I believe it is musical because it has a specific pattern, although the same pitch, it is about the same time apart. I would love to use this kind of sound in a modern day sample, maybe in the back of a rap beat to make it a dark and gloomy vibe.

The next sound I would like to sample would be the bells in the background and slightly in-between those large gong sounds starting at 00:05. It sounds almost like someone ringing a bell in the town. It makes a nice background panic it the already abrupt gong noise. I believe it is musical because it follows a consistent pattern and is pleasing to my ears.

Lastly the alien like sounds at 06:19 and 06:55. This sounds like aliens may be talking to each other or something like that. I would be interested in using it as a sample to create a spacey, unknown, and spooky soundtrack. I believe it is musical because the pitch actually changes getting higher and lower.


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