SOH Blog Post #3

The major lessons I have learned in this class have related to knowing yourself. Whether it be your genetic predispositions or your stress and anxiety triggers. You are the only person in charge of making yourself happy and there are proven steps to help all individuals reach that goal. This class taught me that it does take time and effort to become happy and stay happy it is not something that will magically happen over night. I learned what is in my control to make me happy and what I can’t change so I don’t focus on it.


I have learned a lot about making good relationships from this class and how to maintain them. This has impacted my friend circle which did get smaller but also became more of a pillar I can rely on. I am also someone they can rely on and be there when someone isn’t having a good day. My relationships have become less casual and more in depth with how each person is actually feeling. Which has been great for me as I feel a lot of anxiety graduating and uncertainty of what is next.


The tools we have learned in the past weeks have helped that anxiety and stress. I am actually eating vegetables in multiple meals a day now which I hadn’t done in two years. Which has made me physically but more so mentally feel better. This combined with me trying to get the gym more have really improved my mental state. It may seem like common knowledge that taking care of your body will make you feel better. Yet as a college student sometimes you just lose track of things and taking care of yourself seems to be the first thing we discard for some reason. The last few weeks were a good reminder of how important it is to take care of your body so you feel your best.


The positive psychology reading that we did in the beginning of the semester really stuck with me throughout the year. The reading talks about how positive psychology will study what “makes life worth living” which I found really interest. I do believe that we need psychologists to focus on depression, bipolar disorder, and other diseases that hinder people. But the study of what drives happiness can have such a big impact for a huge number of people.


The biggest impact this class has had on me is that I now truly try and take care of my body. My mom has even joined in for the last month and we have conversations about how we are feeling physically of if we skipped a day. She has motivated me by out working me and telling me to stop skipping days. She always says if a 50 some odd year woman can do it so can you. I would have skipped a lot more days of eating right and going to the gym if it wasn’t for her.


Once I graduate I do plan to share the little tricks that I thought were helpful. The exercise where we choose what we would most like in a job and what we could live without was a great exercise. By narrowing down the traits you can realistically have at a job really put what you want into perspective and identifies what you need. That along with taking 5 minutes to meditate when entering a different space to make sure you are present is what I will pass on the most.

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