Picturing Shared Power

Shared Power

As you might guess, I’m not a graphic designer. But what I’ve tried to portray in the image above is “Shared Power” as a collage comprised of separate powerful pieces from many diverse individuals that come together to create a whole. It’s  “the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts” idea–separately a mouth has the power to speak, an ear the power to listen, the left and right sides of the brain have their specific capabilities, etc….but put them all together and they collaborate, they coordinate, they respond to one another and share responsibilities, they compensate for one another when needed and capitalize on their individual strengths for a greater good.

4 thoughts on “Picturing Shared Power

  1. I. LOVE. THIS. You may not be a graphic designer, but you’ve put together an interesting, meaningful image that expresses what you what to say and impacts me as a viewer. I think that means you may be a graphic designer :). Thank you for making something – it takes a little bravery the first time around. Do you mind sharing how you made this?

    1. Thanks! I am confident there is a better way to go about cropping and combining images and getting them into JPEG format, but here was my process:
      First, I went to Google Images, and checked the search criteria of “Labeled for noncommercial reuse with modification.” Then, I searched for images of faces, people, noses, ears, etc. and saved images that I thought would work for a collage. Next, I opened a Word doc and added a bunch of the images. Interestingly, I used the official White House photo of President Obama and the base/background and as a reference point. Then I went pic by pic, cropping and trying to place each piece of face to make an overall collaged image. It was particularly important to me to find a diverse spectrum of people, and I didn’t want any particular person to be identifiable. Once I had the “face” created, I grouped all of the separate cropped images so that Word would treat the whole thing as one image. I tried for a while to figure out how I could just save that image separately from the Word doc, but I couldn’t figure that out. So ultimately, I took a screen shot with that Word doc open, cropped that screen shot, saved it as a JPEG, and FINALLY was able to upload it to my blog post. WHEW!!! So how would I attribute such a thing? Just providing a list of where all of the images, however cropped, originated within a caption?

  2. Wow, Serra. I loved your collage as well. And you have put the idea of “whole is greater than sum of its parts” so beautifully. Thanks for sharing how you went about this too. I must confess, I always try to ‘make’ something for creative makes first and spend a while trying to create a visual representation of my idea. However, I give up and find something closest to what I want to say. You are inspiring me to create something for the next one.

    Did you see Jaime Barnes’ tweet (https://twitter.com/JamieBarnes214/status/739277290341818368) the other day about canva.com? I tried it and it seems pretty great to come up with a collage.

    1. Thanks Divya! Since I made that collage I read that were should only take 15 minutes-ish to work on the creative makes (haha) and I read a really helpful post from Laura (@GoogleGuacamole) about beefing up our blog posts with embedded videos and images using tools like Canva (https://googleguacamole.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/why-embed-images-videos/)–nice to hear you and Jamie have tried and liked it. So I will definitely be checking that out! Once I read Laura’s post I knew for sure there were WAY easier approaches to doing what I did to make this image! Live and learn!

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