The Music of CEnR

Have you seen this Andriod commercial? “A piano has 88 keys, all of them are different.” I have seen it a few times, but tonight I “saw” it through a CEnR lens…It’s a diverse community coming together to make beautiful, and powerful music; that music would barely be music if those keys weren’t so diverse.


This post is a part of my ongoing participation in Collaborative Curiosity – an online course in community-engaged research sponsored by Virginia Commonwealth University. The course is FREE and open to anyone. You can join us on Twitter with #CuriousCoLab. You can follow me on Twitter: @sjtdea

3 thoughts on “The Music of CEnR

  1. This is great! What a powerful way to convey this message. I love this demonstration of both the absolute necessity for difference and the amazing and beautiful things that can happen with different players (piano keys) come together. Good stuff!

  2. Hi Serra! I love the way you’re (hyper)linking your creative makes together to create a complex but complementary collection of images. By the time you’re done, you’re going to have a beautiful collage (or poster for your wall or…the potential uses are endless!)

  3. Just watched Divya’s video. Similar but very, very different. Wow.

    Couldn’t help myself to see the making of the video – what a collaboration! What if we a made research project with 88 different communities – each community was a different voice…and it was a beautiful rhythm. [rather than all the same note..]

    Awesome video – great hyperlinking/connections.

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