Service Learning Online

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Welcome to Service Learning Online, a VCU ALT Lab self-paced course. This course may be completed entirely on your own, at your own pace, and completely online.

This course is intended to take approximately 4-6 hours, or what would be considered one week of assignments in a three-credit hour course. This course is free and open-sourced to all; however, only VCU personnel and students are eligible to receive the certificate of completion at this time, which may be used to meet professional development goals. VCU personnel may upload their certificate into the Talent@VCU goals portal. You will be asked to complete a final summative assessment. If you elect to complete the final assignment, you will receive your certificate and final feedback from an ALT Lab instructional designer within 1-2 weeks of submission. The instructions for this assessment will be presented at the end of the course and you may take all of the time you need to complete it. Your grade and certificate will be emailed to you upon satisfactory completion of this assignment.

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