Associative Trails for “As We May Think” Nugget

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Taking a screenshot of my history after I completed my nugget post truly opened my eyes to my thought process. I have always thought of myself as an indecisive thinker in that I will usually start with one idea for an assignment and then end up with dozens of other ideas, making it very stressful to decide which idea is the best to use. However, I believe that my associate trails show that I have stepped away from this indecisiveness. They show that the original idea I had of connecting Google Glass to the passage was the one that I stuck with. They also show that I continued with the idea to use a video to make my nugget meaningful. Finally, I believe I approached the primary text from a technology perspective, as the nugget I chose really drew me to find a modern piece of technology to enhance its meaning.


12 thoughts on “Associative Trails for “As We May Think” Nugget

  1. Will Sullivan

    Woah! I used Google Glass as my example too! I bet some people at Google have a copy of “As We May Think” cause it’s absurdly accurate. I think that the technology is really exciting, when thinking about it in the context of enhancing human capability. When I picture it as an everyday device, it becomes a little troubling. The idea of everyone having a camera/web browser on their face is troubling.

  2. frisketmcbisket

    I must say, the inclusion of technology the likes of google glass into your nugget, and your subsequent expansion upon the idea was enjoyable to read. Still a new technology, google glass has a lot of potential to bring people together and share each other’s associative trails.

  3. Yusra Ahmed

    I am similar in that I am a very indecisive person. I often switch my central focus, but when I pick one, I stay focused on that specific topic. I think your indecisiveness will benefit you! You will research many areas to find what you are truly interested in, which is a great thing.

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  5. I don’t know what is a meaningful comment anymore ): But I am an indecisive person too, is it hard to just choose one while everything else is also good ideas. I got what you feel, and it is very stressful sometimes. However, have you ever noticed that no matter how much your mind wonder around, it mostly ends up choosing the origin idea? It is like after we set it up; we like to wander around to see if there is any better thing, but then after a long tired thinking, our mind just tells us to go back to the most trusted idea. Also, I am agree that you have a technological perspective since you mostly search for “google glass”-an advanced technology device nowadays. It is amazing but somehow scary to me 😀

  6. The idea of the Google Glass relates to this article very well. In fact, if I had to pick a picture to associate wight his article, I would pick a picture of a person using the Google Glass in a laboratory setting. Now a days, you cannot isolate the work of any type without associating it with technology. I cannot think of any part of my life that does not require technology. In fact, its almost scary, what would we do if one day we all got off the grid and had no access to any of this technology?

  7. melikazand

    Really loved your example of Google Glass! I think it is something that is up and coming and everyone should be aware of them. As far as your research methods go, I’m glad you realized that you are not indecisive anymore,and that you can focus on particular subjects. I also liked how you went about it from a technological perspective, it really shows the range of your ability to research.

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  9. ewingjm2

    It is good that you have grown as a thinker into an more efficient one. Now, if you could teach me how to do that that would be perfect. I read your earlier post and I really liked that you added a video. It added an aspect to your blog that grabs the reader’s attention. I thought the technology perspective you took was very interesting and excellent job on finding a modern piece of technology to enhance its meaning. Good Job!

  10. Google Glass, i was searching about it couple of weeks before. Because, it supports Google play and android applications. I really loved the way you talked about the technology in your nugget trail. We need to be decisive in order to achieve something and this time you did not get distracted and made sure that you will research on a topic which really fascinate you.

  11. I’m not trying to say that you haven’t grown from being an indecisive thinker because I know I’m definitely one too. But, I think that the idea I am going to approach this with stems from the idea that we think faster than what we can process down physically. Like in our minds, we bounce around from thought to thought, with one thought easily triggering another thought in some sort of chain reaction. Yet through all the thoughts we come up with in our minds, we somehow learn to filter out our ideas and choose the best fit ideas for our trail of thought. I feel like this is where the associative trails comes in, or the search browser history. Our associative trails becomes our linear train of thought as we subconsciously filter out ideas that don’t fit in — that’s why it seems more organized that all the random ideas that bounce around in our minds.

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