Analyzing Obvious Connections

Reading through my classmates’ concept experiences, I found that a majority of us followed a similar pattern in the concept experience activity: we began our search by thinking about our question in a specific way and directing the search in that direction, but we ended our search thinking about our question in a different and sometimes better manner.

Mostly, I found that many of us used top-down processing in gathering information for and refining our question. For example, I began by researching information for my question by looking up general information about robots in medicine and ended by researching the various pros and cons of robotic use in surgery. I, like many of my classmates, approached the concept experience in a broad manner, but by the end of the activity I had narrowed down my research approach to something more specific. I found that the author of the blog Living the Dream 2014 did this as well. They began broadly by searching “technology” on Wikipedia, but by the end they were searching for information regarding the pros and cons of science and technology.

Authors of the blogs Elephant Flower and yusr4 are good examples of my finding that the majority of us started our search by thinking of our question one way and ended by thinking about it in another. The author of Elephant Flower began the concept experience by searching “Google Robots” to find information regarding their question, but by the end of the activity they were researching articles pertaining to advancements in military technology and military robot use. The author of yusr4 began the activity by researching whether or not iPads are useful in the operating room and ended the activity by researching the ergonomics of the iPad.

Looking back at my nugget, I think I could have toyed more with the possibility that Licklider could have been suggesting the further advancement of computers rather than the whole integration of humans and machines. I could have approached it from a different angle, but I am still satisfied with the direction I chose. I think for next time, it would be efficient for me to make a list of the possible ways the nugget could be interpreted and from there come up with questions to analyze the nugget. That way I can have a better understanding of the different ways in which the nugget can be interpreted.

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