Dreamers Unite!

I have learned a lot about myself so far in this course. I have analyzed my thought processes, discovered my weaknesses, and learned new techniques for approaching or thinking about an assignment or topic. I have learned that I take my time with these assignments, reading over my work multiple times and brainstorming connections between my ideas and the ideas of others. I have found that I enjoy blogging and connecting with my classmates, and that I like to provide as much feedback on their blogs as I can. I truly believe I am growing, not only as a writer, but as a thinker.

With regards to my inquiry project, I like the path I am heading towards. I enjoy learning about the various modern day revolutions, and I find the fact that these revolutions began by spreading messages of hope and change through the Internet fascinating. I think it is incredible that the Internet was used to gather hundreds of thousands of people in Tahrir to protest the government. I also find it incredible that groups such as Anonymous and LulzSec take down government and corporate websites that correlate with human injustice and oppression and use the Internet as their primary means of educating the world of the injustice we face. I am intrigued by the use of social media and the Internet in changing the world, and I hope others will be, too.


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Cooperation and teamwork is essential if we want to prevail in this course. Each assignment is designed for us to work together, to interpret one another’s thoughts, and to evaluate each others work. By working together on the inquiry project, we will undeniably succeed and set the bar high for future dreamers.

I would like to study the effect of the Internet via social media websites on the modern day revolutions. I want to explore the connections between Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube in spreading messages of awareness, injustice, and uprising. I want to investigate how many people used social media sites to share stories of oppressive government and organize demonstrations during the revolutions. I would also like to explore government reactions to the people taking to social media to expose their tyranny and brutality.

To examine the effect of the Internet and social media on the revolutions and rebellions of this decade requires the examination of social media itself. Therefore, anyone who is working with a social media platform in their inquiry project would benefit from working alongside me, as would I from working alongside them. Apart from the benefit of strength in numbers to gather and analyze the vast amount of information pertaining to the Internet and social media, working together with me will lead to the uncovering of the influence social media has on the world today and a better understanding of how the modern revolutions were fueled by the Internet.

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  2. RCales

    Excellent, Mirna! This is fascinating, and I am excited to see you explore more with the topic. When going forward, think about specific movements or an organization you find so compelling (one you mention, for instance) and then go outward if/when necessary. Getting precise (rather than looking at the connection between social media and movements broadly) will ultimately help make your investigation more fruitful and the ultimate claim you make significant and precise.

    I’m very excited to see where this goes, and that you’re getting a lot out of the course so far!

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