Questing My Dream

This course is absolutely full of big dreamers. I enjoyed reading through my classmates sales pitches; I found them each unique and thought-provoking, and I am excited to see the final outcome!

I noticed as I was reading through the sales pitches that numerous students are working on topics concerning Facebook or Twitter. While my topic also focuses on these social media sites, I think I would like to continue on with my project solo.

I think it would be more advantageous for me to continue my inquiry project solo. I noticed that those who pitched Facebook or Twitter in their Dreamers Unite post are approaching their topics more along the lines of how these sites are encouraging and changing the way people communicate with one another. While I find these approaches fascinating and see a slight potential connection between those topics and mine, I really want to concentrate my project on the role social media sites like Facebook and Twitter played on specific modern revolutions and how those revolutions benefited from their use (currently, I am leaning towards the Egyptian Revolution as my revolution of focus).

That being said, however, I would not mind helping others on their projects! I would just prefer to continue solo with mine.


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