Connections between Diigo Concept Activity & Panning for Nuggets

As I shuffled through the Thought Vectors Diigo group, I could not help but notice that many people are finding articles relating to social media in some dynamic. At first, I was excited about this, because I thought that I would have the same luck as Jamie and find many articles that I could relate to my inquiry project. I did find a couple articles, however, and they mostly regard human rights and police brutality in the era of 24/7 social media coverage which I think I could use, but I would have to really work to form a solid connection between those topics and my topic of social media’s role in the Arab Spring.

Overall, I have to agree with Mariah: with regards to my topic, some of these articles shared by my classmates may be more helpful than others, depending on how I can work the information into my argument.

When I began writing this post, I searched for other students’ Panning for Nuggets activities to see how I could relate how I am thinking about my topic to how they are thinking about theirs. However, not many people had completed the activity. Of the people that have completed the activity, I found that Lina and I are thinking similarly with regards to our inquiry project topics. While she is working on a topic completely different than mine, we share a common theme: our projects are connecting an event/phenomenon with social media (she is working on how Afrika Bambaataa influenced Hip-Hop culture through social media use and I am working on how social media ignited the Arab Spring). In her Panning for Nuggets activity, she found that her nuggets emphasized the importance of social media in spreading information to the public, and in mine I found that use of social media spread awareness of brutality and oppression in Egypt which led to the many protests that eventually led to the biggest protest of all in Tahrir Square. 

From what I can tell by others’ concept and Panning for Nuggets activities, these projects are shaping up to be very interesting.

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