Filling My Toolbox

Here is my finalized list of the eight sources I plan on  using in my inquiry project:

Personal Dynamic Media by Alan Kay and Adele Goldberg

Computer Lib/ Dream Machines by Theodor H. Nelson

Augmenting Human Intellect: A Conceptual Framework by Douglas C. Engelbart

Spring Awakening: How an Egyptian Revolution Began on Facebook by Jose Antonio Vargas

New study quantifies use of social media in Arab Spring by Catherine O’Donnell

Egypt’s Spring: Causes of the Revolution by Ann M. Lesch

The Revolution Will be Tweeted by Rasha A. Abdulla

Social Media Evolution of the Egyptian Revolution by Alok Choudhary, William Hendrix, Kathy Lee, Diana Palsetia, and Wei-Keng Liao (doi: 10.1145/2160718.2160736)


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