Connecting Future Thoughts

I noticed many similarities between how I am thinking about my thesis for my inquiry project and how my classmates are thinking about theirs. In regards to his inquiry project, Colin states, “My paper will not so much argue a side of an issue as it will argue there is an issue.” This is how I am planning on approaching my paper as well. My thesis at this point is: “Social media giants Facebook and Twitter played a significant role in the Egyptian Revolution.” I can see how my thesis could be interpreted as arguing a side of an issue, and I agree with that to a certain extent, but I really feel as though with the way my project is heading that I will be arguing about a specific topic regarding an issue.

I truly hope to do as author of  the blog VCU Univ. 200 states: “With my project I plan to persuade my readers…” I want to convince those who read my project that Twitter and Facebook truly did play a role in the Egyptian Revolution.

All in all, I think Lina explains exactly what I am hoping to do through my inquiry project: “I am trying to shed light on how influential social media can be…” I want, more than anything, for my project to show just how powerful social media is. 

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