Inquiry Project Beta

How quickly time passes! It feels like I just began my adventure through this course, and now I am around a week away from the end! 

Everything we have been working on for this course has been with the inquiry project in mind; a culmination of this semester’s work all in one project. While I do not feel that my project is completed to the absolute best quality possible yet, a beta version of it can be found¬†here.

I believe I need to work on the Methodology part of my project more. I am finding it a bit difficult to grasp what Dr. Coats states about the methodology section being a section dedicated to “conversation between sources put into conversation.” I am interpreting this to mean that this section requires a conversation between sources, but I feel that I need to keep revisiting the methodology section of my project to polish it and make 100% sure that I am completing the requirements correctly.

I also believe that I need to add more images of some sort or videos to my project to immediately capture visitor’s attention and add to the claims my project makes. I think if I go back to my beta version of my project and add charts supporting the Twitter and Facebook data I provide or add pictures of the protests it would really add to the project.

I am the type of person who has to go through my work many times before I am satisfied that I have completed it to my absolute best ability, so my project is a ways away from being 100% done. I am comfortable with the beta version of my project, but I am aiming towards being absolutely confident in my project. This will take a bit more work, but I know the final product will be one I am truly proud of.


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