No More Boring Syllabus

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So I decided to try an online syllabus for one of my classes next semester. I think it will be helpful for me and the students. One, it will give the students a constant resource to refer back to. I always post my boring paper syllabus on Blackboard but I feel like students never look at it, so I am hoping this will help since it will be easy to access from any mobile device. Two, it will give me a more flexible document that I can update weekly. Three, it gives me a place to put lectures, cool articles, etc. that I want the student to read. Lastly (see below), I am debating using a virtual course calendar where I will post what is happening each class, when assignments are due and when we have guest lectures. I need to do more research on what tool to use (this is a Google calendar but I’m not positive it’s the best one to use), but overall I think it will be great because if something is thrown off because of a snow day or because an interesting class discussion sets us back, I can easily update the calendar and students will always know what’s on tap for next class. Any advice people have on using either online syllabi or online calendars for classes would be great. I think this is a good starting place for both but I know there is a lot of room for growth!




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  1. Shana, one option might be to use Google Docs as a place to host your syllabus. You can then embed the google doc syllabus in your course’ wordpress site. That way any changes you make are automatically reflected in the document (students will also see any changes you make).

    The link below will provide additional details about using google calendar for your course:

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