Olé, Olé, Olé

Overall, the class has been very helpful and very interesting. I feel like I am learning and ton and really being forced to think outside of the box, which is really necessarily (in my opinion) if a professor is going to be really good at online teaching. I also love that this is not just helping me prepare for online teaching, but it’s helping with my other teaching endeavors as well. Even as a new professor, I worry about how to stay relevant and how to keep my students interesting. I can already tell that some of the techniques I am learning in OLE will help me to do just that.

With all of this being said, I do have a few things that I wish were different. It would have been nice to get our introductory email a little earlier and have a better understanding of how the course works, what we need to have ready beforehand, etc. To me, it felt like my group was struggling to get everything organized the first week so having those preliminary things out of the way would have been helpful. Secondly, I am teaching summer school and this course has been a fair amount of work. I would have still taken it over the summer but I think having a better understanding of the time commitment from the get go would have been helpful so I could have planned accordingly.


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  1. Glad to hear you are having a positive experience with OLE so far. We’ll keep your feedback in mind as we continue to shape the course. One interesting comment you made was how learning about online teaching is giving you ideas for face to face teaching : in light of that you might find this article interesting http://bit.ly/1MWJ58C

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