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The class I will be teaching online has only been taught face-to-face in the past, so while I have a lot of resources, I feel like there are definitely some tools I am lacking for making it a successful online course. After looking over my media spreadsheet, I felt that I was really lacking some sort of interactive tool (I want to make sure that this is not a passive experience for my students) so I started my search by just putting in interactive online courses. While this pulled up a few interesting things, including these tips for developing a successful online learning strategy, I still didn’t feel like I was finding exactly what I was searching for. I thought using some of the Google search tips provided (which I’ve known about but always seem to forget to use) would help make my search a little more specific. So I tried usmagnifying_glass_part4_by_photoobject_lensing quotes and + and a few other things, and quickly found things more relevant. This great list of 20 free (and apparently fun) online tools for interactive classroom collaboration is a great resource. I also liked this list of presentation tools because I’ve always used Google Hangout and PowerPoint/Prezi for online lectures, which I think can work fine but I know there is something better and more engaging out there. After checking out a few of these tools, I really like the idea of using or something similar.

It was great to see that there are already so many helpful tools out there that I can utilize but it’s almost overwhelming trying to decide which ones are the best and how many to use. I don’t want to overwhelm myself or my students by using too many platforms at one time just because they are available so I definitely need to find the right balance between boring them and inundating them.


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  1. Glad you found some stuff of use! FYI, I was a bit confused at first by your post, until I realized that your links are essentially invisible with this theme. You might want to consider using a different theme–or maybe see if you can change the link colors.

  2. There are a million tools out there. Really getting down to figuring out what you want the tool to do will help. Interaction is a big box and could span everything from comments to 3D immersive environments. I think your later post highlights that the interaction may be a result of the syllabus rather than the syllabus itself (although it could be both).

  3. I think one of the questions at the heart of your post is how to create community in an online course. How do you create opportunities for students to interact with each other in meaningful ways? Like Tom said there a plethora of tools out there on the web that can help online learners build connections. Perhaps starting by thinking about how you create community in your face to face classroom would spark some ideas about transferring that to your online class.

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