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I am the “other” VCU Meganck because that’s exactly what I am. My dad has been teaching here for 35+ years so I get his mail (even though we are in different departments), I get asked constantly if we are related (it is quite an unusual last name so chances are good that if there are two Megancks in Richmond, we are related), I am judged by whether people like my dad before they even get to know me (fortunately everyone likes my dad, so I am fine with that)…

However, while I am the other Meganck, and very proud to be, I am not a veteran, not an artist and not a gray-haired man.

I am an an Assistant Professor at the Richard T. Robertson School of Media and Culture, teaching public relations classes. My main research interests focus on intersections of health communication, new media and public relations. My dissertation research, in particular, focused on the source use by health bloggers and the gender effects in the source selection. My background is in public relations and advertising, with nearly a decade of experience working at Richmond-based agencies with a variety of local and national clients. And I am a proud ram, bulldog and squirrel – receiving my Ph.D. from Virginia Commonwealth University in the Media, Art and Text program, my M.A. from the University of Georgia in Journalism and my B.A. from Mary Baldwin College in Mass Communication.

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