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Week 5 Blog Post

As a learner, Learning Management Systems were introduced to me during high school. The grading system was Home Access Center (HAC) where the student or parent could access grades before official report cards were handed out.  The system was one of my mom’s favorite because she could check it with her own login information without asking me. I hardly used it because I could gauge where my grade was based off the assignments that were handed back to me. But, if used I found myself calculating what grades I needed to pass a class. It was also frustrating sometimes because teachers would not consistently upload grades in a timely manner or use the system at all. There was also the use of Edmodo in high school, which served as a personal portfolio or a tool to access information from students and teachers. I appreciated the Learning Management Systems in high school, but I see how vital it is being a college student.

I plan to use Learning Management Systems in my classroom because it will keep students in the loop about where they are in my class. Being a student, one of the most frequent questions asked is “what is my grade?”. I also believe LMSs provide opportunities for students to learn more and go over information. Technology is constantly being integrated into classrooms which helps teachers not have to calculate grades manually all the time anymore or not finding educational websites. Parents will also benefit from LMSs because they can track their student’s work. One concern would be access to computers or a device at home for students and parents. I would want my LMS to be phone user friendly which would make easier accessibility for everyone. Overall, the use of LMSs are great tools and will continue to grow in the education field.

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  1. I think you bring a tremendous point, which much literature has been written on, which is giving students access to the LMS system through their smartphone. Many student, who do not have access to a computer and internet, do have access to a smartphone and can get access through it.

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