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Week 6 Blog Post

My group chose to do our google classroom assignment based on weather phenomena. A misconception would be students assuming that weather across the entire world is the same. Students will need to understand the different factors that contribute to weather.

Google classroom code: vjve0f

Content: The students will learn about the Science SOL 4.6 that states : the student will investigate and understand how weather conditions and phenomena occur and can be predicted. Key concepts include
a) weather phenomena;
b) weather measurements and meteorological tools; and
c) use of weather measurements and weather phenomena to make weather predictions

Technology: The technology used in this lesson will first be incorporated with an interactive PowerPoint that goes over what weather phenomena is, the different factors and the tools used for measurement.  The next use of technology will be a video of a weather report from the local meteorologist in the city.  This will allow students to experience a weather report and understand the components/terminology that the meteorologist used. The video of the weather report may be the first time students have watched one, which is something to consider when teaching and being inclusive. The last use of technology will be virtual activities where students can make different weather phenomena’s such as a thunderstorms or snowstorms.

Pedagogy: The students will be able to define weather phenomena along with its meteorological tools. The lesson will be introduced with asking the class what the weather is like outside for the day. I will then ask how do they know if its sunny, rainy or foggy. Once a classroom discussion has been held, there will be an interactive PowerPoint shown and students can take notes. The best example of weather phenomena is a weather report from a meteorologist, which would be the next activity of the lesson. As an ending activity, the students will be able to do a virtual simulation with making thunderstorms and other weather phenomena’s. The importance of the virtual simulation will be students to write down what they did to create their weather and be able to report back to the class, as a sharing activity. Lastly, the google classroom will allow them to read the PowerPoint again, practice their knowledge and develop responses to questions.

TCK: The PowerPoint, weather report video, virtual simulation, and google classroom will be used to expand upon the content. They are practice tools and the students can apply what they learned in each form of technology.

TPK: The technology is used as a tool because students are able to create their own weather with the virtual simulation. Each student will have their own creations and be able to report their weather with the Google classroom. The lesson is very applicable and students will be able put their knowledge to the test.

PCK: The pedagogy is connected with content because students are learning about weather phenomena and being shown different examples. The different components within the lesson allows students to learn about the content fully.

virtual simulation:

weather report:

interactive PowerPoint:


  1. Sharese I did your lesson and thought it was great! Your instructions were simple and sweet. One thing I would say to improve your lesson would be to be specific on what outlet students would be doing their weather report on – word, google docs, google classroom, etc? Also, I didn’t see a link to the quizlet – I’m pretty sure you can attach it to the question somehow (:

  2. Hey Sharese!
    I think this lesson is perfect for 4th grade! The powerpoint at the beginning is particularly well done and chosen as it has simple language that is still informative, so it won’t confuse students or leave them feeling behind, and has beautiful pictures and colors. I really like that for all of your questions you left them open ended so that students can flesh out their responses and give you a personalized experience. How do you want your students to do their weather report? Should they write it up and act it out in front of the class, or go the extra mile and make a video clip like they’re the meteorologist? I think your idea does great justice to the mind of 4th graders and how fascinated they can be with weather!

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