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During my visits one of the most important piece of information that I have gained is that introduction to a subject or math problem influences the way your student reacts. If I start my lesson plans with real life examples for that grade level, it allows their mind to think and be more interested to hear what I will teach. I have also experienced how difficult it can be teaching to a group of students that understand, but one student does not. I realized how easily a student can give up or be disengaged if I don’t recognize the confusion first and choose to ask questions. Questions like “tell me the first step” or “what you should do next”. In my potential classroom I can have up to 30 students and there can potentially be more than one student that doesn’t understand what I will be teaching. Children’s thinking can also be more advanced then what we expect them to know. I feel allowing them to share and “teach” their classmates how they solved a problem increases confidence and expands their understanding. My goal as a teacher is to be transparent, aware, and caring towards my students. I want my classroom atmosphere to be welcoming and emphasize that asking questions, is better than being confused.

Every teacher will have their own style but I think for me, I want to incorporate methods that can impact the most students. There will be students in my class with disabilities that may not be visible, but they may have a hearing impairment or have to wear glasses. As a teacher, I need to make sure that they are being accommodated as well. I also know I won;t get everything right the first time but being in classrooms has helped me develop my own ideas of what I want my future to loo like.

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