TPACK #2 – Shadrach

TPACK Attempt #2

Lesson Description:

This lesson is the first part of a module introducing high school students (10th through 12th grades) to cybersecurity.  This lesson will explore students’ prior knowledge and opinions of cybersecurity and how it impacts them personally.  After discussing their prior knowledge and opinions, they will then be given material to start their formal study of the topic.

  1. The main Content (C) of this lesson is to explore the meaning of the term cybersecurity and how it impacts their lives.
  2. The main Pedagogy (P) of this lesson is the use of group discussions to exchange ideas and prior knowledge – think of this as the first part of a group KWL exercise.
  3. The main Technology (T) of this lesson is the use of the discussion feature of the Schoology LMS. Students will work on an internet-enabled computer to answer questions and respond to other posts. Schoology also provides a means for first responses to be unique – student cannot see other posts until he/she posts his/her initial response.

Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK)

Describe: Online group discussion will allow students to share their ideas on cybersecurity and how/if it effects them.  In addition, it will help form bonds as a learning community. Since they also get to report on their personal feelings on the subject, it should help the students relate more to the content. By having a virtual discussion via the discussion board (and requiring each student to respond without seeing others’ responses), no one student will be able to dominate the discussion as they would in a face-to-face classroom.


Technological Content Knowledge (TCK)

Describe: The online discussion board will allow students to work at their own pace, giving students ample time to form their answers. Also, by working online, my “quiet kids” will actually have a “voice” in the discussions. Those who do not normally contribute will have to respond.  In addition, the technology behind the online boards can be used as a teaching tool to illustrate some of the principles of cybersecurity.


Technological Pedagogical Knowledge (TPK)

Describe: The usage of the Schoology discussion feature that hides responses until the user creates their first post helps alleviate the problem of students simply copying each other. Unlike a standard discussion in a classroom, responses to the initial posts can happen asynchronously, hopefully resulting in many more ideas being shared.


Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)

Describe: By using an online discussion format, students can work together to share their current knowledge of cybersecurity, and learn from one another.  The technology also allows members of the class who normally do not contribute as readily during a normal class discussion to have an equal voice.


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