Virtual Reality

Jeremy Bailenson’s video was amazing.  There was so much information presented that I want to follow up on , just no time right now (sigh).  Break will be here soon, however.

If I could use VR in my classes, I think I could most benefit from the “gaze” item mentioned in the video, as well as the ability to tailor a lecture to a given student.   I have many students who have issues with paying attention, who are easily distracted (I have so many students with IEPs and 504s this year I had to create a spreadsheet to keep track of them all).  Bailenson’s work (even his rudimentary “11 lines of Python code”) showed that the students who had the direct attention of the VR instructor did better.  And using the Kinect to monitor body language, to see when students were losing attention, you could slow down a virtual lesson, or add additional information based on the student’s response.

It will be very interesting to see how this field evolves.  Yet another person/subject to follow online….

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