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It’s done.  The project is finished (for now – I know I will “tweak” it again when I actually use it in my class).  I have created a hybrid module to introduce my students to the field of cybersecurity.  Since this is an introductory module, there will be no formal assessment, but instead the students will post a reflection on what they have learned at the end of the module.  In addition, I have created a new kind of forum for them to express themselves – I am looking forward to see how they utilize the discussion portions of this module.

I would love for my fellow classmates (and instructor) to look over the module, and offer any suggestions.  As I have mentioned before, it’s hard to see problems when you are too close to something.

It has been an interesting journey.  I have learned there are both many similarities and many differences between face-to-face classes and online classes.  Building community is important in both – we just have to accomplish this in different ways.   Discussions can take longer in online classes (since students are working at different times), but it can also be a better way, since normally quiet students can more easily participate.

Project evaluation – if you use the criteria that the module had to be mostly online, and would utilize technology to achieve the learning goal, then my project meets those standards.

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  1. You list your learning outcomes as :

    Students will be able to define cybersecurity and how it impacts their lives and the nation.

    My feedback:

    The top level folder is well organized with the three lessons, and you also title the lessons, which helps give the learner an idea of what they will be doing. You can, of course, delete the TPACK title now.

    When prompting students to write or reply, make sure you are giving them enough information to use, and be intentional about what you are asking them to do and how you are asking them to do it. In lesson 1, you ask them to define cybersecurity and then whether they need to be concerned about it. You then ask then to respond to 3 peers. I like the first question as you will get several different responses and that will allow you to se where they are, and also provides everyone the chance to see everyone else’s thoughts on this. You also ask them if they need to be concerned. That is a yes no question, and generally will not get great answers, cause really they should just answer with yes/no (which I know is not what you are going for). I would recommend asking maybe how or why cybersecurity effects them. When you ask them to reply, you will nee to give them something concrete to reply to. You can ask them to compare and contrast their answers with others, or to connect a personal story to others post (this is good as it prohibits group think answers), etc etc. Also make sure what you are asking them to do is supporting your learning outcomes.

    You then have them read two resources

    In the next lesson, they read and reflect on the article and write. They then have to search the internet for a resource and provide a synopsis (you could possibly have them reply to each other after that), then NSA Day of Cyber in class activity and then they reflect on this. I really like this whole lesson, different activities, different modes. This is really good

    Great job on this.

    Happy Holidays!

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