Final Reflection

Looking over the four learning goals for this course, I feel that I have received a good introduction to the field of online instruction.  I definitely do not feel like an expert on any of these goals, but I feel like I have been given a foundation to build upon.  I think my biggest change came from goal #3, “effective virtual systematic instructional design through the development  of a virtual learning environment”.  It has been a big change to go from face-to-face instruction to online only.

The activities that I found most effective in the course were the ones involved with the actual development of our online module.  Creating outlines, receiving feedback and making a final product were most helpful.  The least effective activities were those that involved reading and blogging about  studies that involved too much data reporting (Community of Inquiry comes to mind),

The only improvement I can think of reflects on my face-to-face classroom preference – I would have loved to have gotten the entire class and instructor physically together at least once during the course, just for social interaction.

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