Finishing Up

It is that tine of the year again. School is coming to an end. And I could not be more happy. This year of school has been the hardest its ever been. Transitioning from high school to college was very difficult, and props to all us freshman who did it and successfully going to finish out the year. First semester was not that bad at all for me. The classes I was taking were super easy and the professors I had were super chill. It made me think college was going to be a walk in the park. Second semester, wow what can I say. I never knew I had such bad anxiety until then. My classes slammed me with work, every day I had a quiz or test, I never had a break and I never felt like I could just relax one day. I was taking incredibly hard classes that honestly put me into a state of depression. I never left my dorm room unless it was to go to class, or to use the bathroom. I stopped eating because I lost time to go somewhere and swipe, so I had one bag of chips in my room that I would occasionally snack on. I lost a good fifteen pounds. My mom knew something was up because I was not the same. I have a very bubbly and out-going personality, and that was taken from me as well. I eventually realized that I was doing way more than I could handle and knew I had to remove something from my schedule. If anyone knows me, its I CAN NOT DO MATH. To this day I still count with my fingers and math is just super challenging to me, it has always been. I made time to speak to my advisor and she suggested withdrawing. I knew I was going to withdraw from the class, so I stopped worrying about it so much. Butttttt, chemistry was still on the back of my mind. I was doing everything I could possibly do to make sure I got a good grade and passed the class. I had a tutor, I went to class everyday, I did the homework, I showed up to office hours to ask questions, I went to the SI sessions. You name it. Yet, I still had a 47% in the class. I eventually made another appointment with my advisor and told her I could not do it anymore and wanted to withdraw from chemistry as well. She of course did not recommend it but once she saw and heard what I was doing, she fully supported me. In the end, I withdrew from both math and chemistry and now am feeling much like myself again. I make time out of the day to do what is best for me, whether that is eating or working out. I found that self care in the end is what matters and I completely agree. I am really happy that this year is finally coming to and end and I am for sure ready to tackle my sophomore year at VCU!


This blog is just me informing my peers about friends. All my life I never had that big group of friends, I never had that one person I could go to and talk about anything, I felt like an outsider. There would be days where the girls at school would just bully me for no reason. I am not ugly, I am not fat, I am not weird, they just bullied me for no reason. They would all talk about me behind my back and say things about me that were just nasty rude. I still tried to be nice to them and to be their friend. I would cry myself to sleep in middle school, hoping that one day, they would want to be my friend. I was trying to change everything about myself so I could fit in with them. I reality, that style and the way I started to ask was not me. I lost who I was trying to be one of them. I remember one night, I was crying and my mom came upstair and talked to me about it. She told me that they hate me for no reason because they are jealous of me. I intimidate them. The only way to make themselves feel better is to put me down. My mom told me its better that they are talking about me because they are leaving someone else alone. That has stuck with me forever and made me such a strong person. She told me to stop forcing a best friend and that one will come naturally. Eventually one did. She was my best friend all throughout high school and we did everything together. We were both captains of the cheerleading and gymnastics team and we were just inseparable. Junior year, going into senior year summer, I invited her to go to Cancun with my family. That is when it all came crashing down. I do not know what happened but she began to hate me. She would be rude for no reason, call me names, and even talk about me behind my back to my brothers. I asked her what the deal was and she said nothing. I would snapchat her and she would open it and not respond, I would text her and ask to hangout but there was always an excuse. Eventually we just gradually stopped talking. I saw on social media a couple months later, that the “popular” girls had invited her into their “group”. That was the reason, that is the reason she dropped me like a bad habit. I went the rest of senior year without my best friend. It was hard, but I am strong. I do not need someone to entertain me 24/7. With all this being said, coming into college was a struggle and I was scared to meet new people. I met two awesome girls that I love so much. We are living together next year and I could not be happier. I see who they are and I love them endlessly.

Sad Story

My name is Kameryn Shears and in this blog I am going to be talking about what I had gone through during my years of high school. My freshman year was fun! I had a boyfriend I was dating for almost a year, I had great friends, my grades were good, and my parents were together and happy. I was thriving my freshman year, happy as can be. Summer going into sophomore year is when tragedy struck my hometown. Frank Woolwine, a son, a friend, a teammate, a classmate, a brother, was killed in a car crash around 2:15 AM August 6, 2016. Frank had thrown a party Friday night. All the football players and friends were all invited. Franks parents were out of town and Frank was suppose to be at his grandmas. Instead, he told his grandma he was hanging with his teammates, and decided to throw a party at his house. Everyone got super drunk. And obviously so did Frank. He got into his car and drove to meet someone when his car rammed straight into a tree. He was killed instantly at the scene. I remember I was at cheerleading practice that morning when the coaches stopped practice and told us that if anyone looks at their phone, we will be dismissed from the team. In everyone’s heads, we were thinking “what did one of these girls do?” “who is in trouble?” The thought never crossed our minds that maybe someone is hurt. At the end of practice, they sat us all down and told us about what happened. To me, Frank was one of my really good friends. I had known him since elementary school and we had been going to school together since. We had plenty of classes together, so we stayed tight the first year of high school. I was in shock. My boyfriend at the time was his teammate and I knew they were close as well. I wanted to be there for him so I knew I had to be strong for him. Later that day it had really hit me what happened. I lost it. I realized I was never going to be able to see him or talk to him again. I realized that he would never experience prom, the love of his life, his wedding, he would never go to college. Everything hit me. Towards the end of the night everyone had gone to the tree he hit and decorated it with flowers and football jerseys, notes, candy, lights, candles, you name it. It was very clear that he was loved more than words. Everytime I drive past the tree, there is always something or someone there. Frank will be missed till the day I die, and he was taken from us way too early. But maybe God needed him more than we did. Fly high frank!!


For spring break this year, I went to Florida. My friend and I one day were at the river talking about spring break and she got the brilliant idea. HER AUNT LIVES IN FLORIDA! So she texted her aunt and her aunt said yes! She invited me to go and the original plan was we were going to drive. Her aunt lives in Tampa so it was going to be a solid sixteen hour drive. A couple days later, my friend invited another girl to come. She said yes and the plan was we were all going to switch off driving and all pitch in for gas money. Unfortunately, the girl said she could not go because her parents would not give her any money, which I found odd because my parents did not give me a dime, and I did not have any money either. So the friend who invited me told her dad it was just going to be us two going. Her dad I guess did not want just us two driving, SO HE BOOKED US FLIGHTS! I did not have to play for a plane ticket! It was so nice, I was and am incredibly thankful. So the day comes and me and my friend fly down to Florida and see her aunt. The first day, the weather was so beautiful. It was sunny with not a single cloud in the sky and 78 degrees. If you know me, you know that the hotter the weather, the happier I am. But sadly, I was so obsessed with getting tan that I did not put any sunscreen on. When I came back from the beach, oh my gosh was I sunburnt. I was literally fried. I was walking funny thats how bad it was. I felt like my vacation was going to be ruined because after a couple of days it did not really go away and I was still sore and red. Eventually my mom told me just to put SPF 70 on and just sit out because SPF 70 I basically do not get any sun so it would not increase my burn. She told me to do this because I had been sitting inside not enjoying Florida’s weather and it was putting a damper on my spring break.  Weirdly, being in the sun helped? Or my sunburn just naturally went away after because the day after, my sunburn had sunk in and I was golden! I was able to put a little layer of sunscreen on the next day without feeling like I was frying myself out in the sun! Days became better and I was finally able to enjoy myself, even though I had about three days left to enjoy it. Overall I would say it was a really fun trip and I am super glad I went. My lesson I learned was that even if you do not get the most sun from putting sunscreen on, its always the safest and best idea because one, sunburn hurts, and two, who wants skin cancer, NOT ME!

Becoming Healthy Again

For my entire life, I have always been super healthy and in shape. From the ages of 3-16 years old I was a full time gymnast training to be in the Olympics. I know it sounds super far-fetched, but its 100% true. I was competing nationally and the two people who picked the Olympic team wanted me to train at their gym. I was the plan until I broke five bones in my foot and had to take some time off. While I was injured I noticed something. I noticed that there was a life outside of the gym. I had never noticed it because I was so involved and just did not know anything else. This led to me wanting to quit gymnastics. It sounds dumb now because I could have gone to the Olympics, why would I quit because I saw a life outside of the gym? Who knows, but it happened. I enter into high school and I felt kind of lost without gymnastics, so i tried out for the team and made it. Gymnastics was for only one season and with my body being so used to going going going, I needed to find something else to do with my time while it was not gymnastics season. Cheer and lacrosse were the answer. So basically I did cheering for the first half of the year, then gymnastics, then lacrosse in the spring. Every year of high school was the same. Cheer in the beginning, gymnastics in the fall, and lacrosse in the spring. I loved it all so much. I was so fit. I even did a weight lifting class my senior year. This leads to the point of the blog. I am currently in college and I am not doing a single sport. In the beginning of the year it kind of felt like my body was shutting down. I was super sad all the time and had no motivation to get up in the mornings because I was not doing what I love. I eventually knew that I would never do gymnastics again unless I became a coach, which I have thought about many of times. I knew I was never going to do lacrosse again because the VCU team are beasts and I was good at lacrosse, but not good enough to play for college. And lastly, I could cheer at VCU, I would totally make the team, but next year I will be buying a house and while I am not in class, I am going to be working so I can pay rent. It all kind of sucks, but I have found a way around it. Its college, obviously we all put on some weight. We cannot avoid it. So I have been eating super healthy on a daily basis, and going to the gym every day. My workout consists of running two miles, leg workout, ab workout, and butt workout, to keep myself in shape. I never thought working out would be fun but considering its the closest thing I have to a sport, I will gladly workout. I run because of lacrosse, when I do my workouts I do it infused with all my old cheer and gymnastics workouts. I am glad to finally be back in shape and look forward to a healthy future!

What do you all think I should do?

I know Professor G stated in the beginning of the semester he did not want us blogging about our lives, but I need help making a decision and considering Focused Inquiry is all about asking questions and thinking very critically about stuff, maybe you all can help me out. So basically this about my major at Virginia Commonwealth University. I am struggling to figure out what I want to do with my life in the future. This is my backstory. I originally came into VCU being a Pre-Nursing major. Obviously I knew it was going to be a challenge but with everything I was going through at the time, my school work was not my major priority and I knew I was just going to end up letting myself down. So, I switched my major. I switched my major to HPEX Exercise Science. The reasoning behind this was because I grew up very sports orientated and I found myself craving the sport aspect because I was no longer playing one. I changed my major and completed all the steps required to officially change my major. My first semester was a breeze. My classes were not super difficult and my schedule was awesome. Second semester rolls around and I hate it. I am taking a math this semester that is required for my major and when I tell you all I am bad at math, I am bad at math. To put it in perspective, I still count with my fingers. I am struggling very very much in the class. I got a tutor and had my friends in my dorm help me out with homework and just basic math skills to help me. Well, nothing worked. I found myself dreading everything about school and VCU. I woke up in the morning wanting to cry because I hated it that much. I would call my mom almost everyday having mental breakdowns just because I was so overwhelmed about everything. It got to the point where all I could focus on was math. Yet, I was taking many other classes that required attention. My mom suggested I drop math and take it next semester with maybe and easier schedule. So that is what I did. I went to see my advisor and she told me that since I am taking 13 credits this semester, I am a full time student, and if i dropped math, which is 3 credits, it would make me not a full time student. Therefore, if the financial aid people saw that they gave full time financial aid to a student that was not full time, they would completely cancel my financial aid and I would not receive anything. Clearly that is a problem. I need financial aid. So, I am asking my fellow classmates and whoever else can see this. Is it worth it to continue to be depressed and hating my life taking a math, or should I just say screw it and have my financial aid canceled.


Coming from a women’s perspective, have you ever been stalked by a man? Someone watching your every move, knowing everything about you, yet, you have no idea who they are? This is the story about You. You is a tv show on Netflix about a man, Joe, who falls madly in love with a girl he meets in a bookstore, Beck. Joe and Beck begin talking in the bookstore where they connect over a book author. As soon as Joe gets home, he searches EVERYTHING there is to know about Beck. He searches information about her family, her job, her friends, her ex’s, and he even memorizes her daily schedule. Everyday he stands outside her house and watches her morning routine which consists of brushing her teeth and hair, getting dressed, and packing her bag. He then follows her to work. When she gets home from work, she hooks up with her ex boyfriend, Benji, who sees Beck as just a friend with benefits. Later in the evening, she goes to hangout with her friends. Beck gets really drunk and goes to get a train ride back home when she falls on the train tracks. Luckily for her, Joe was there and rescued her from the train tracks. When Beck fell, she had dropped her phone and Joe ended up stealing it without her knowing. They get an Uber home and Benji is waiting at home for her. Joe sees him and immediately becomes jealous and thinks that if Beck gets over Benji, she will see how good Joe is and eventually fall in love with him. This leads to Joe’s plan. Murdering Benji. Joe kills Benji by feeding him peanuts, which he is deathly allergic too, and then burns his body. He steals his phone and keeps it hidden in a box, along with Beck’s old phone in the ceiling in his bathroom.  Joe takes his phone and posts on instagram of drugs and bras and underwear so that Beck becomes irritated with him and gets over him. The plan works and now Beck is over Benji. Problem solved right? No. Later in the show, he notices that Becks best friend Peach became super obsessive with her and treated Beck as if she was Peaches puppy. Joe investigates and ends up stealing peaches computer and found naked pictures of Beck, Beck sleeping, Becks feet, you get the point. But he eventually ends up murdering Peach as well and makes it seem like she committed suicide by writing a suicide note. Joe and Beck are madly in love now because all of Beck’s issues are out of the way and now she is only focused on her love for Joe. In the end, Beck finds the hidden box in the bathroom and finds her old phone, Benji’s phone, Peaches phone and teeth. Yes, thats right, Benji’s teeth (because he burned his body). This resolved in Beck freaking out and Joe then locks her in a glass cage to keep her sane for a little. Beck pretends to be not mad so he lets her out and she ends up tricking him to let her out. When she got let out she trapped Joe in the cage, but Joe had a spare in his pocket. Joe let himself out and ended up killing beck as well.


(I wrote a lot but I left out a few details so that if you are interested, you can watch it without me spoiling completely everything)

Reflection on The City & the City

After reading The City & the City by China Mieville, I would consider this a pretty decent novel. There were some difficulties within, but there were actually some really interesting and intriguing parts. I was scared to read this book because before break, Professor G talked about how difficult it was and that it was going to be a challenging read. In the end, yes, it was difficult, but it ended up being a really good book that i enjoyed reading. Some of the best parts of this novel were the parts that made you think. During the whole investigation, there were so many cliffhangers that left me on the edge of my seat wanting to read more. I find myself being able to read crime and murders very easy because there is so much mystery and suspense involved.  I found all the characters names and the names of the cities very creative and unique. Beszel, Borlu, Ul Qoma, breach.  The language of this novel was very very difficult. I had to look up a lot of what the words meant because of the foreignness of the authors usage. While reading the book, I was finding it challenging to keep up with who was saying what and who was doing what. The narrators switched and with all the different names, it made it super confusing to keep up. Towards the end of the book I was getting really lost because random people and random names kept coming up and everything was speeding up. It made the end of the book hard to understand and keep up. When it comes to breach, I have no idea what it could possibly be, other than maybe an invisible line located in between the two cities. Other than the line, I would not know what else it would be. I am also very confused about what Orchiny is. It was mentioned a lot in the novel but I just cant seem to understand what it is or anything about it. In the end it was an overall good book that I enjoyed spending time one. Even though I struggled a little bit while reading, it was a good book to expand my knowledge on and get out of my comfort zone. This book was really time consuming considering all of the research I had to do along with the book, but overall a 10/10 recommended book.

Unit 3Advocacy Speech

Writers Memo

During this speech, it took me a good while outside of class working. Ideas would pop in my head and I would write them down and fix throughout the process. My videos helped my because I found myself looking a little timid and I was seeing how I presented myself through my audiences’ eyes. I noticed myself not being confident and exceeding to my full potential. My topic did not really evolve because this topic was my topic for my op-ed, so everything was taken from my knowledge of my op-ed. The writing process was different than my op-ed because my op-ed was very informal whereas my speech is less informal and more directly to the point. In my speech my goal is to pull heart strings and make my audience feel my words.

Specific revisions I made on this speech were just new ideas basically. New ideas would come and go and certain ones I liked and certain ones I did not like. Some got old and needed to be removed. I used my feedback to help with my delivery of the speech. I want my speech to be delivered to my audience in the best way possible. I got revisions such as “this does not belong here” and “use this word instead of that word”. I changed them as soon as they were addressed and hopefully it strengthened my work. These revisions effect my piece because it made my work stronger and easier to comprehend. My words are clearer, and my points are more direct.

The global aspects of my speech that I am most confident about would be the tone and my use of ethos, logos, and pathos. I feel as if my tone really is the perfect fit for my topic on illegal immigration and what needs to be heard, is heard. The global aspects of my speech that I am most concerned about would be transitions. Every essay we have, my transitions are horrible. I got my peers to look at them and they all agreed they were not horrible. The local aspects of my speech that I am most confident about would be my citations. I feel as if my citations really support my argument. I have reliable sources and made sure citations were better than my last work. The local aspects of my speech that I am most concerned about would be my bibliography. Again, every time we get assigned work, something is always wrong. I tried to keep in mind what you said about it and tried to fix all my mistakes.

If I had more time to work on my speech, I would focus on my global aspects within my transitions because I feel that is where I need most of my help and focus. It would not take much time, but I would need more people to help me revise and make it better than it already is. I have noticed that my writing is more appealing to the ear than the eye in my opinion. My word usage is very clear and sharp, and I get right to the point without hesitation. I am happy this project was assigned because I learned a lot about how I write and what I need to do to make my writing as perfect as it can be.








Kameryn Shears

Professor Galligan

UNIV 111

December 6, 2018

Changing the World, One Immigrant at a Time

“The border of Mexico is now open and anyone who wants to enter the United States, can do so whenever.” What is your reaction be towards this statement? Are you excited about the fact that we no longer discriminate? Or are you immediately frightened and angry? Illegal immigration has two different views, the first view is where illegal immigrants benefit our economy through their low-cost labor and hard work, and the other is where illegal immigration is hurting the American economy and putting people at risk. One does not have to be an expert that illegal immigration has been a trending issue all around the nation for years. The jobs that illegal immigrants work, are the jobs that most American people do not want. Their low-costing labor jobs keep the prices low. Mexico has a higher crime rate then America, so having undocumented immigrants come to America illegally, could be extremely dangerous to the American life.

People all around the nation would argue that these immigrants “take away” American jobs but in reality, they do not. Most of the jobs that are taken by immigrants consist of service jobs such as retail or fast food, construction work, and installation and repairing’s. Those are the jobs that not a lot of Americans seem to be interested in. “Immigration has historically been a defining characteristic of the United States, and it remains one of the country’s most significant economic advantages” (Minier). Says Jenny Minier, a professor at Kentucky University. Further studies show that the importance of this population of workers will only grow in coming years. Once every two years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, comes up with estimates of jobs expected to increase over the next 10 years. An example of this took place in 2014, unauthorized immigrants took up 24 percent of cleaning and housework duties, jobs that were expected to need 112,000 more workers by 2024. In construction, the number of extra laborers needed is estimated close to 150,000. And while only 4 percent of personal care helpers are illegal, the United States will soon enough, need more than 800,000 people to fill the jobs. The U.S is in desperate need of these workers because eventually, there will be too many open spots within these jobs, and not enough people working them. The undocumented immigrants working these jobs are vital to the daily life in the United States and removing them would be an enormous disadvantage to the U.S. economy.

There were 25,339 murders in Mexico last year, this is a 23% jump from 2016 and the highest number since 1997, the year the government began tracking the data. This has been Mexico’s most homicidal year in history. Mexico suffers from the shortage of police. There are 116,000 unfilled police spots and the Government Security Agency says Mexico only has half of the police they need at the moment. Mexico is known for their massive crime rate. Gangs such as MS-13 have been tormenting the country for years by killing innocent people and making it unbearable living in Mexico. This makes living there so much more difficult. Families are in search of a better lifestyle but are being declined because of the reputation of their country. Children are being kidnapped, raped, and killed, and there is nothing their family can do to stop it. Innocent women are being sexually assaulted walking down the road, they are being beaten and mistreated on a daily basis. With that being said, the American government now has no other choice but to be suspicious of allowing certain migrants into the country. Since Mexico’s government is so weak, it makes controlling all this violence and crime impossible to some standards. Not only are they creating a reputation, but some immigrants are entering America illegally specifically because the U.S has an appetite for Mexico’s drugs. “Every year, Mexican drug cartels profit billions of dollars of incomes from the sale of heroin, methamphetamines and other drugs in the United States” (Nixon). Says Ron Nixon The New York Times’s homeland security correspondent. He is based in the Washington bureau, where he covers border and aviation security, immigration, cybercrime and cyber security, transnational crime


Now, what should we do about these undocumented immigrants? In November of 2012 Former President Barack Obama announced a new executive action preventing the deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants. Whereas President Donald Trump called for deporting all undocumented immigrants in the U.S. and building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. In my opinion, immigrants currently living in America should be allowed to stay legally if they meet certain requirements. Whereas, migrants seeking to come to America must wait their turn for the possibility of entering. If entered illegally, and caught, migrants should be forced to move back where they came from and wait their turn like everyone else. I also think that the process for allowing migrants into the country should change. Declining almost half of the migrants seeking for better futures for themselves and children, should not even be an option. If these migrants go through the process of attempting to enter legally, they should be granted citizenship. These laws must change, slowly they are tearing away the worlds unity and we are becoming more and more irrational the more our world grows. We can make a change. We will make a change. But it starts with you.



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