Becoming Healthy Again

For my entire life, I have always been super healthy and in shape. From the ages of 3-16 years old I was a full time gymnast training to be in the Olympics. I know it sounds super far-fetched, but its 100% true. I was competing nationally and the two people who picked the Olympic team wanted me to train at their gym. I was the plan until I broke five bones in my foot and had to take some time off. While I was injured I noticed something. I noticed that there was a life outside of the gym. I had never noticed it because I was so involved and just did not know anything else. This led to me wanting to quit gymnastics. It sounds dumb now because I could have gone to the Olympics, why would I quit because I saw a life outside of the gym? Who knows, but it happened. I enter into high school and I felt kind of lost without gymnastics, so i tried out for the team and made it. Gymnastics was for only one season and with my body being so used to going going going, I needed to find something else to do with my time while it was not gymnastics season. Cheer and lacrosse were the answer. So basically I did cheering for the first half of the year, then gymnastics, then lacrosse in the spring. Every year of high school was the same. Cheer in the beginning, gymnastics in the fall, and lacrosse in the spring. I loved it all so much. I was so fit. I even did a weight lifting class my senior year. This leads to the point of the blog. I am currently in college and I am not doing a single sport. In the beginning of the year it kind of felt like my body was shutting down. I was super sad all the time and had no motivation to get up in the mornings because I was not doing what I love. I eventually knew that I would never do gymnastics again unless I became a coach, which I have thought about many of times. I knew I was never going to do lacrosse again because the VCU team are beasts and I was good at lacrosse, but not good enough to play for college. And lastly, I could cheer at VCU, I would totally make the team, but next year I will be buying a house and while I am not in class, I am going to be working so I can pay rent. It all kind of sucks, but I have found a way around it. Its college, obviously we all put on some weight. We cannot avoid it. So I have been eating super healthy on a daily basis, and going to the gym every day. My workout consists of running two miles, leg workout, ab workout, and butt workout, to keep myself in shape. I never thought working out would be fun but considering its the closest thing I have to a sport, I will gladly workout. I run because of lacrosse, when I do my workouts I do it infused with all my old cheer and gymnastics workouts. I am glad to finally be back in shape and look forward to a healthy future!

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  1. I loved reading about this because I can definitely relate on a certain level. I did swimming and volleyball which don’t add up to how challenging gymnastics is on the body, but I must say it did keep me in shape. I was kind of lost on what to do when I first got to college because I didn’t choose to pursue my volleyball career and have it continue. I didn’t know what to do at first, but I realized how nice our gym is and I try to eat pretty healthy and keep up with my workout routine everyday to get back into shape. (the freshman 15 is definitely hitting me haha). I hope we can both continue to maintain healthy eating and gym habits. I know you technically don’t have to respond, but you said you run two miles a day and I had a question about it. I have been getting back into running and am starting off at one mile a day, but every time I get into the routine I get shin splints and it continues to get worse until I can’t run. How do you prevent that or work around that ?

  2. Your blog inspired me! It is really good that you are managing your time with your healthy lifestyle and watching what you eat. I am currently trying to lose weight, build muscle, and make my butt more firm. I feel so good after exercising, the feeling after working out is simply amazing! I am looking forward to feeling even more confident about myself in the process of losing weight and maintaining it after I reach my goal weight. I think I hurt my knees the other week by doing the leg press incorrectly. So, I am going to take it easy and just walk it off and keep icing my knees. Also, I love stretching which is very important.

  3. This post was really great. I think it’s great that you were planning on going to the Olympics. That would be a really great accomplishment. I had a similar story in that I was doing something that I loved every day but eventually stopped. A few years ago, I used to play on a basketball team and I loved it. We had practiced every day except weekends, but I would still play for fun with my friends. Even though practices were hard and required a lot of working out and discipline, I loved it and was always sad when our season ended. I get sad about it every now and then because I don’t play anymore, but I’ve learned to find new hobbies and interests.

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog, and I feel so sorry that you broke five of your bone before. (I had broken one before.) I had a similar situation too. When I was little, I use to play the piano and practice it every day. But I quit when I was in fourth grade. But I catch it up by myself when I was in middle school. And I find out, I never really enjoy playing the piano since I never like the piece the teacher assigned to me. But when I taught myself, I can play whatever I want. I am glad that you are back on track. And I hope you will enjoy doing gymnastics and doing work out again.

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