Sad Story

My name is Kameryn Shears and in this blog I am going to be talking about what I had gone through during my years of high school. My freshman year was fun! I had a boyfriend I was dating for almost a year, I had great friends, my grades were good, and my parents were together and happy. I was thriving my freshman year, happy as can be. Summer going into sophomore year is when tragedy struck my hometown. Frank Woolwine, a son, a friend, a teammate, a classmate, a brother, was killed in a car crash around 2:15 AM August 6, 2016. Frank had thrown a party Friday night. All the football players and friends were all invited. Franks parents were out of town and Frank was suppose to be at his grandmas. Instead, he told his grandma he was hanging with his teammates, and decided to throw a party at his house. Everyone got super drunk. And obviously so did Frank. He got into his car and drove to meet someone when his car rammed straight into a tree. He was killed instantly at the scene. I remember I was at cheerleading practice that morning when the coaches stopped practice and told us that if anyone looks at their phone, we will be dismissed from the team. In everyone’s heads, we were thinking “what did one of these girls do?” “who is in trouble?” The thought never crossed our minds that maybe someone is hurt. At the end of practice, they sat us all down and told us about what happened. To me, Frank was one of my really good friends. I had known him since elementary school and we had been going to school together since. We had plenty of classes together, so we stayed tight the first year of high school. I was in shock. My boyfriend at the time was his teammate and I knew they were close as well. I wanted to be there for him so I knew I had to be strong for him. Later that day it had really hit me what happened. I lost it. I realized I was never going to be able to see him or talk to him again. I realized that he would never experience prom, the love of his life, his wedding, he would never go to college. Everything hit me. Towards the end of the night everyone had gone to the tree he hit and decorated it with flowers and football jerseys, notes, candy, lights, candles, you name it. It was very clear that he was loved more than words. Everytime I drive past the tree, there is always something or someone there. Frank will be missed till the day I die, and he was taken from us way too early. But maybe God needed him more than we did. Fly high frank!!

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  1. This is awfully sad to hear about. I’m sure that he was a lovely person and was a blessing in your community and that his loss was horrible for everyone. Death of young people is never something that can easily be talked about and it’s always very saddening to hear about or experience. I think we all know how it feels to lose someone close to us, but even fewer of us know how it feels to lose someone our age, that we have shared great memories and experiences with, and that we genuinely care about, unlike a relative or family member. Losing a friend at this age, or really any age, is awful, and It’s sad how often young people are dying these days.

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