Nelson Post

The usual attacks on computer teaching tend to be sentimental and emotional pleas for the alleged humanism of the existing system. Those who are opposed to the use of computers to teach generally believe the computer to be “cold” and “inhuman.” The teacher is considered “warm” and “human.” I never thought of it this way […]

Engelbart Post

In 20 or 30 years, you’ll be able to hold in your hand as much computing knowledge as exists now in the whole city, or even the whole world. -Douglas Engelbart. This quote just reminds me of science today. I feel like everyone is so obsessed with how thing are and how they came to be. […]


I think my project has a great standing. Although I’m having a lot of difficulty achieving my desired look, I definitely think that the content will make up for it. I think if I just find time to sit down and crank it out I’ll do fine but with finals, 18 credits and my sister’s graduation, […]

Webby Bliss

This is an every day foundation routine for a darker complexion This is a clown contouring video This is a color correcting video This is a crazy Halloween makeup look This is a gif of makeup trends in different areas of the world in different time periods This is just a cool contour transformation   EDIT: I […]

Concept Experience

These two sources Illusions of Immortality: A Psychology of Fame and Celebrity and The new fame: Internet celebrity disagree in the sense of what a celebrity is. The author of the first argues that celebrities aren’t deserving of the attention they receive but famous people actually work and earn it. The second explains the creativity and hard […]

Source Nugget

I believe that its always important to understand where something came from in order to gain a full grasp on a topic. That is why I chose this source, Beauty and the body: the origins of cosmetics, to add to my FIP. One thing that stood out to me in this article is when they mentioned Helena […]


While reading the posts of my classmates I found some things that I found pretty interesting. Trevor had similar dreamers as me in his post which I thought was pretty cool.  He also mentioned how his sources deal with different types of comedy which  I can relate to because of the different types of cosmetics I […]

Investigators Assemble

Doug Engelbart The web as a means to connect Learning from others Computers could take over/surpass man Vannevar Bush Learn from others within online community Accelerated knowledge Ted Nelson Access to technology by everyone Imagining the impossible Helps us visualize YouTube as a Case Study YouTube as an online community Learning from others Staying trendy […]

Nuggeting Sources

My newest source is 2014 Plastic SurgeryStatistics. This source talks about surgeries done over the years and since 2000. It has statistics for #cosmetic procedure #trends, #cosmetic surgeries by #gender, cosmetic #surgery by age and body #contouring. I think this article really exposes the realities of everything. Another thing I find interesting about certain cosmetic surgeries […]


When it comes to my research journey, I think I’ve come a long way. Before I was searching the wrong things and kept on getting older articles that didn’t have the viewpoints I was looking for. I felt as if those article just weren’t up to date and couldn’t understand the changes that the internet […]

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