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The usual attacks on computer teaching tend to be sentimental and emotional pleas for the alleged humanism of the existing system. Those who are opposed to the use of computers to teach generally believe the computer to be “cold” and “inhuman.” The teacher is considered “warm” and “human.”

I never thought of it this way and I think its sort of funny. Parents spend all day trying to keep their children engaged and entertained by watching TV, reading a book or locking their child in a room to practice an instrument but they worry that their child learning by computer to be cold and inhuman. How backwards is that? Everyone always thinks they’re doing the best for their child by shielding them from technology because they didn’t have it when they were younger and they turned out fine. Times are changing and in order to keep your child ahead and in line with the rest, frequent uses of technology is needed. So what if you turned out fine, why not have your kids turn out great?

I just hate computers because I can’t keep up with them and I think they’re difficult to use. “Cold” and “inhuman” are almost as bad as the “my dog ate my homework” excuse.

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