Question answers for the following paper

  1. What is the primary cause of sexual orientation?
  2. Childhood development has the biggest influence on people’s sexual orientation
  3. Even though there are a bunch of studies that state people are born to be gay, none of them have significant evidence to prove the gay gene really exist. Besides, according to the prenatal effect hypothesis, and the research on original family structure influences, both of these are based on precise statistics, demonstrate that the different original family structures may affect the person’s sexual orientation, especially when they were small.
  4. Not really. I used to believe some people are born gay while others are influenced by their surrounders. I still state that the causes of different sexual orientation are complicated. But according to the research, all the studies that insist people are influenced by the gene are unreliable.
  5. A. those people that believe sexual orientation is determined at birth. B. Some studies show that some people with a homosexual orientation have the same orientation relatives in their family. C. Because they believe that homosexuality is normal in the biological sense like the other sexual orientations. Moreover, Homosexuals may be the genetic carriers of some of mankind’s rare altruistic impulses.


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