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In the past week, I was challenged with a decision that in the end will most likely shape my college career. During the fall semester of 2018 I found out about all of the living learning communities that VCU had to offer. I was amazed at the variety that is provided within the student organizations and I was impressed that so many of them come with great opportunities that will in fact affect its members positively not only in college but even after college. After doing my research i came to the decision that i would apply to two living learning communities. Both of which I felt as though I could be an asset to and that of which i could thrive in. I am pleased to say that I was accepted into both living learning communities ( VCU ASPiRE and VCU LEAD). Unfortunately I could not take part in both of them so I did what most people would do when there is a decision to be made, I started to weigh my pros and cons and also what benefits I will receive by taking part in the living learning community. VCU LEAD’s mission statement revolves around students individualizing their out of classroom leadership experience, based on academic major, personal interests and career goals. It is expected of VCU LEAD students to be active participants in their residential community, the classroom, and the Richmond community through participating in leadership and service events. The VCU LEAD program supports their  expectations through providing a rich co-curricular experience through a variety of programs and opportunities. I thought that that this was an excellent organization to involve myself in but it was missing something, something that I hold very near and dear to my heart. Charity, I have always been passionate about helping people. Although VCU LEAD may offer some community service, from what I researched, community service was not their sole purpose. Heavy community service involvement was my main focus when determining what living learning community is best for me. So, with hopes that VCU ASPiRE will be a better fit, I decided to look up what they were all about. When researching, I found out that VCU ASPiRE is a living-learning program promoting community engagement through academic coursework and co-curricular experiences. The mission of VCU ASPiRE is to enrich and deepen students’ understanding of their capacity to create positive change in communities and address critical societal needs through long-term sustainable partnerships. Also, VCU ASPiRE is dedicated to making an impact in areas such as having accessible and affordable housing, community building, education and workforce development, environmental sustainability, health and wellness. I felt that this program will indeed engender my success and fulfill my desire to help others and create a difference not only in the VCU community but the Richmond community too. I believe that choosing this living learning community was the best decision for me I would not change a thing about my decision. Through my research i have also encouraged other people to join ASPiRE. My friends in particular applied and got in so i am extremely excited to room with them and share experiences over the next two years together. Making the decision to choose VCU ASPiRE has definitely benefited me positively because I had a chance to sit down and figure out what I wanted as an individual and what would be best for me. I believe that moving forward, it will be more clear to me how exactly i should go about making a big decision and in the long run make it easier.

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  1. I am actually apart of LEAD, I chose this particular living learn community because I agree with their mission statement. When I decided to sign up for this LLC I knew I wanted to learn more about being a leader in my community. Because I do believe that every great thing starts with determination and someone who can motivate and impact the community in a positive way. I also, did research on ASPiRE, and I thought it was interesting how their platform was based off of helping with affordable housing in communities. I think the different LLC’s that VCU has to offer is very interesting and they all appeal to different individuals wants.

  2. I applied to ASPiRE as well and I got in. In my introduction to the university class we got a presentation from a student in ASPiRE, I immediately loved message and reason for ASPiRE. I have joined the LLC with my friend and we’ll be sharing a room. I am so excited to be apart of a community and helping others. Even before and now during college I have done community service, it always been a positive experience to me. I am excited to see what the two next years holds.

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