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Hello there,
Thank you for taking the time to visit my digital portfolio!
As you have had the chance to read some of my thoughts, I would now like to read some of your thoughts. I know you are busy, but please leave me a comment or 2. Tell me what you thought. Honest opinions. Questions. Concerns. Did anything resonate with you? Or anything else you want to write.
Many thanks

2 thoughts on “Your Thoughts

  1. Simone – Your portfolio is truly outstanding and I thoroughly enjoyed reading each post – and re-reading some that I enjoyed in the past! Your style of writing is so engaging. You draw your reader in with the combination of humor, interesting phrases, and personal stories. If you wrote a book I would run out to buy it!

    You have done such a great job chronicling your journey. You provide such honest insights into your experiences. You are willing to show your vulnerability and draw your reader into the experience.

    I also really like the layout and form you use for your work – the site overall, your resume, your posts, etc. I don’t know if that comes from your background in architecture – or your artistic talent – but it is visually pleasing.

    As I mentioned in the separate post – your goals are fantastic. You have a plan and I anticipate great things for your future. You clearly understand the value of self reflection and you do it well. I believe that skill will help you continually refine your PT skills and your interpersonal communication abilities. You describe the value in listening intently to your patients and I could not agree with you more.

    It has been an absolute pleasure to have you in class for the past 3 years. I miss your attentive and inquisitive face on the front row! I always felt like you were my touchstone – if you were looking at me like I was speaking a foreign language – I knew that I needed to rephrase! I appreciated that constant and honest feedback!!

    I hope that our professional paths will cross often. I hope that at some conference or gathering in the future I can sit and chat with you about all the ways that you have found an intersection of your skills as an architect with your skills as a PT. I’ll buy the beverages.

  2. Hey Simone,

    I really enjoyed looking through your trek from suits to scrubs. You did a great job sharing your journey from day 1 to where you are now, prior to beginning your last two clinical rotations.

    I’m happy you were able to get involved with Go Baby Go. I enjoyed reading your reflection on being an only child, and how involving yourself in Go Baby Go made you look back and reflect. It is awesome that this experience has inspired you to continue to participate in volunteer efforts and pro-bono PT.

    In your post titled “Just Relax”, you pointed out that you surprised yourself with how frequently you asked for constructive feedback. I think that is awesome, and is going to make your next two clinical experiences even more worthwhile. You mentioned your progression of your manual skills in your first clinical rotation this past summer, and I think constructive feedback will continue to help you gain confidence and skills in your ability.

    Your page showed how much you have grown, and how you are going to be an awesome physical therapist. I’m excited to see where everyone in our physical therapy class ends up, and I know you will love what you are doing! Best of luck during your next two clinical rotations!


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