Final Reflection

Simone Williams

UNIV 200

Prof. Andrew Marx

December 7, 2018

Final Revision Reflection

For my paper I decided to write about artificial intelligence and the effect it may have on the future of the job market. I made revisions on my paper dealing with grammatical errors, structure, comprehension, and I fixed some of the citations. In my infographic I made revisions on the font-size, color, placement of information, and I also made the page a little bit bigger to make it easier to see and read. The matrix synthesis project really helped me on my paper because it brought new information to light. I was having trouble finding sources and learning about the database really made it easier to locate scholarly information. For the Google+ community I just got feedback that the font and structure should be clearer, so I adjusted that. The biggest challenge I faced in the course of the major assignment definitely revolved around trying to locate studies relevant to my topic. When I was looking around on google for information I couldn’t really find anything so the main way I overcame that was by using the information provided about the database from when we had class in the library.

Looking back, I’m glad that I attempted the topic, but it was not an easy one to pursue. It was really hard to find information because the prospect of artificial intelligence is so new and there is really no data as of yet on how it will really affect the job market so most of my paper focused on future usage possibilities and past scenarios that are similar to what we are seeing with artificial intelligence now. I would have definitely picked a different topic knowing what I know now. I would probably write about something currently affecting us as a society because that opens up the possibility of more data being available on the topic.

My thinking of artificial intelligence has changed a little bit. The idea of it doesn’t seem so terrifying to me anymore because it can actually have some great effects on the advancement of humankind. Some fields could be greatly benefitted from having artificial intelligence. I will say that I still believe that this could cause even greater disparities in the gap between economic classes. I found the prospect of Disney using something such as a stuntronics very interesting.

I think as a writer I have improved with being able to find more information that I can add to papers to make them longer without sounding repetitive. Such as using the database, that has really helped me improve papers for my other classes as well and has opened up the world of research to a great degree.

As a researcher I am just more careful about the type of material I use now. I try to make sure that the article has some sort of scholarly substance to it. I also don’t settle for information from websites that might not be reliable. The use of the database had made me feel the need to not do that. The reason I would do this is because I would have a hard time finding information and I would be scared that I would have a paper with a lack of information. The database has provided me with plenty of information as well as the security of knowing that it is a reliable source.

As a critical thinker I have improved by knowing what to look for in a source. The little assigned readings have helped me see examples of well written scholarly texts and not so much poorly written ones, but ones that should just probably be left out. They also helped to show what bias in a paper can look like. So not just reading about what bias is but actually seeing it being used throughout a paper.

As for advice I would just say to stay on top of your work and not try to complete things a week before they are due. Doing things little by little with actually leave you with less stress and a better sounding paper. I would also say to do the readings assigned in the textbook as a way to gain knowledge about terms and how to write an effective paper. I would also say the take the Matrix Synthesis very seriously as that assignment was the one that provided me with the most information. It was also helpful because it provided you to do research on all sides of the argument.

Overall this course has improved my skills as a writer greatly and has provided me with great tools to use in order to write papers. I could definitely see myself using the matrix synthesis as a way to do very effective research and to make sure I am looking at all sides of the argument. Also, before this course I had never written an inquiry proposal paper so learning how to format and write that way will be very useful for classes in the future. The pacing of the course also made it easier to develop a final project. It actually made me more comfortable in my writing because I knew I had ample amount of time to do very deep research. Just seeing how much my writing has improved and completing the task of writing a very lengthy project just restored my faith in myself and my dedication to school.

Pre-Writing Task

Simone Williams

UNIV 200

Professor Marx

November 12, 2018


State your topic: Artificial intelligence and its effect on the job market.

What is the positionyou are taking?

  • I plan to defend the opinion that the continual advancement of technology will take over the job market in such a way we saw with factory jobs being lost to faster and more efficient machines.



Outline a number of major reasons that you take to support your position. List as many as possible without grasping at straws. Based on our reading and discussions about audience-based reasons and writer-based reasons, indicate which reasons you list are which.


(Make space here as needed)

Establishing and Maintaining Ethos and Pathos (review pp. 155-157 of TCRto revisit these concepts)

  1. Write a paragraph where you acknowledge persons (you can be specific or hypothetical about these persons) who might resist your position. Think about what you can say to “reach out” to that unsympathetic audience. Can you acknowledge them and some of their major concerns? What could you say to win their trust or attention?
    • The only audience who I can think of as resisting my opinion would be the makers of these Artificial Intelligent machines trying to sell them to companies. I’m on the side of the spectrum where Artificial Intelligence would cause a major decrease in available jobs to the public and the people who are trying to develop these machines probably wouldn’t appreciate that viewpoint as it may cause the public to also not want to see the development of Artificial Intelligence take place. Also, maybe the community of people who like techy things and seeing major breakouts in technology occur. They would more than likely have the viewpoint that Artificial Intelligence would be great for society because of their interest in technology.
  1. List several things you would avoidsaying, for fear of alienating this audience. What would you avoid doing or saying to avoid alienating a more general audience?
    • I would try not to talk about the negative side effects that the advancement of technology has produced. I would avoid the cliché robots taking over the world scenario.
    • For a more general audience I would avoid using words they may not understand when talking about the topic. I would also try to use examples they can better understand when talking about the subject.
  1. Write a paragraph where you address disinterestedand uninterestedaudiences (if these sound like the same thing to you, look up each term to see the difference!). What could you say to these audiences to demonstrate that the topic is important and that your position should matter to your audience?
    • For a disinterested audience I would try to make them feel like they have something to lose it Artificial Intelligence takes over the work force. I would try to ask a couple of members what their careers are, and I would try to explain to them how their career fields could be affected. I would do more of a persuasion approach rather than an informative one.
    • For an uninterested audience I would try to make the topic as interesting and entertaining as possible to listen to. I would avoid more of the facts and focus on the possibilities. Just try to do anything that will get in audience engaged in anyway. The job market can be a boring topic so making it sound like an extermination of jobs will take place will hopefully grasp their attention.
  1. Think about aspects of your writing that might tend to weaken ethos. Is there anything about your style, word choice, approaches to argument, etc., that might undermine your credibility and trustworthiness as a writer?
    • I feel like with my writing style I can get stuck in my side of the argument and not really focus on the other side of the issue. Which may cause me to sound unprofessional in a way that will give off the impression that I don’t know much about the issue and that I am just trying to give out false information. I also feel the way that I structure my papers may mess downplay my credibility and trustworthiness, so I’ll have to be sure to pay extra attention to that while writing. I would also like to bring more credible viewpoints in my argument and I think that the matrix project and the required number of sources from that will help very well.

Artificial Intelligence Reflection

I received feedback on my paper from my cousin who basically just gave me a couple of ideas of what to talk about and the structure of the paper. She stated I need to elaborate more in the section of those who are for Artificial Intelligence but there really wasn’t too many people for it that I could find. So, I guess I’ll just go more in depth on what I already have, and I’ll also just go more in depth on what Bill Gates is inquiring. I could also try to see if he mentions points from someone else that I could look into to gain another perspective. She also pointed out some other ideas for future artificial intelligence usage that I was able to look into. There were also a couple of grammar mistakes pointed out that I corrected but that was pretty much it from her. I know that I also want to fix the structure because that was a problem I ran into like she did. Like it just doesn’t sound the way I want it to, so I want to go in and revise that. I also want to use the VCU database that we went over the other day for my paper because I was having a hard time finding research and I feel that would help a lot and push me toward more scholarly articles. So that’s pretty much all that I want to focus on when revising my paper to make the delivery sound better.

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