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At this point I am choosing to not add a SRL component to my module.  If I was designing a semester or year course I would definitely include SRL especially with high school students.   I suppose one could add a little piece of SRL to a module as short in length as mine.  I think it would be more powerful to introduce SRL at the beginning of a longer course and then build in reinforcement and reminders throughout for students to learn then develop and internalize the SRL behaviors.

While all the readings had good information I spent the most time with the Whipp & Chiarelli article.  As research it had a very small sample size but I was intrigued by the chart on pg 11. (see below.  If you click on the graphic it will become easier to read).


The authors adapted traditional strategies for use with online learning.  I liked how concrete and student friendly they are.  Rather than just talking generally about regulating one’s own learning, the chart gave realistic strategies that I could use with kids.   I am wondering if the authors ever published anything else on strategies.  I would be curious if the strategies they noted in this small sample of online graduate level students would hold for a larger sample of high school and/or undergraduate students taking online classes.

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  1. I am so glad you made the point in the beginning about it being more powerful to introduce SRL at the beginning of a longer course with reinforcement and reminders throughout the course. Those were my initial thoughts when I decided to address it in my Introduction to Online E&PF module. You confirmed that I made the right choice, so thanks! 😉

  2. I am still on the fence about if I want to use SRL in mine. I like that you are so sure already about not using it. You have some good points about this time of the year. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it would be better if it was for a semester or if you started out at the beginning of the year. I also I think we are on the same page as using the little pieces of it. I think from how it sounded that this is something for a little older students then what age I am shooting for.

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