I accomplished putting together some probability lesson ideas that, IMHO, don’t completely suck.  I put together lessons with exploration components, direct instruction, real world connections, opportunities for student interactions and evaluation.  It all took longer than I thought and I agonized over everything. I got to use some of my old favorites (YouTube) and found some new favorites (cK-12).  I watched dozens of videos to pick the two that got included.  I Googled images “Wendy’s bag that had how many ways they make a hamburger” and found a picture of the exact bag I was looking for from 6-7 years ago.  I fortuitously stumbled upon an amazing blog post that raised the exact point I was trying to make with the Wendy’s reference.  I fell in love with the internet again.

I attempted to add color and 2016 life to probability.  The color and humor not used gratuitously but purposefully to connect with the content.  As for feedback, I would appreciate feedback on whether it works for enhancing content or whether it distracts from learning the content.  Also do the lessons make sense?  The module makes sense in my head but I need other people’s eyes to see if it actually makes sense.  The first 3 lesson are complete except for the assessments.  I set up where they will go in the lesson and hope to get the actual assessment questions added in the next day or two. The 4th lesson is mapped out but not done.  I’m out of time for now but have a good start for when I actually plan to use these lessons next 9 weeks.

How to evaluate is a difficult question to answer.  I guess I want honest reaction and critique.  I am planning to use this with my students. If there is something worrisome or lacking I would rather address it now rather than have it come up when I am live with students.


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  1. You list your learning outcomes as :

    The student will calculate probabilities. Key concepts include
    a) conditional probability;
    b) dependent and independent events;
    c) addition and multiplication rules;
    d) counting techniques (permutations and combinations); and
    e) Law of Large Numbers.

    Your module outline is:
    1. Thinking about Youtube
    2. Making sense of Data
    3. Fundamentals of counting
    4. Permutations and combinations

    My feedback:

    First, I loved this blog post about your creation of this module.

    Since you plan on this module being done entirely online. You may want to include a “start here” folder. In this folder you can list learning objectives, briefly describe the lessons students will complete (and how they address the learning objectives), provide a timeframe, and generally give some high level instructions to the module.

    I really liked the Youtube lesson. It is fun, has a mix of activities and is a great way to hook learners. Your discussion prompts are good. You may want to provide more specificity to the rely prompts, just asking students to “reply to 2 peers” generally results in poor conversations. Try asking them to respond to very specific questions. They can compare and contrast their answers to others, they can connect personal experiences to others posts (this really helps with group think answers), You can ask them to play “devils advocate” or to agree and disagree and provide supporting info, etc.

    The next two lesson are really good too. The varied activities are great.

    You did a really great job on this. Let me know how it works when you do it.

    Happy holidays!

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