Wow we are finally here, the last blog post for UNIV 112 I can’t even believe that we actually got to this point I never really thought that it would come. I can even remember when Professor Galligan told us we would have to do weekly blog post and comments onĀ  others posts too, I… Read More

Today I met up with one of my friends and he was telling me about his short film that he is making for a club he is in. When he told me I was in love with the vision he had for his film and the excitement he showed in talking about the topic, you… Read More

Do any of you guys watch the Marvel movies because I do. I just recently realized how much I do like them and starting to actually notice how much each one connected to the next (I ended up re-watching most of them). But there’s something about the Avengers movies that makes me fall in love… Read More

Guys we have done it again, made it to the end of another week. I don’t know about you guys, but this week has been a good week even though I had a test lol, two of my teachers did cancel class on Monday and Friday was probably the main reason (I had more free… Read More

In class on Thursday we had the chance to talk about ethics and all the different things we would do in certain situations. We started out by choosing a character that we all admired and wrote why. I had chosen Simba from Lion King. We then moved into a could different scenarios and it really… Read More

Today I have decided to do another rant because why not, (and I just need to complain lol) but don’t worry I’ll be more inspirational at the end of my post. So anyways I don’t know if its the fact that we have just got back from spring break or that I am just behind… Read More

Everyone has had a conversation of some sort in their lives, you should have at least one conversation with someone everyday, whether it be a good conversation or a bad one. I know I have had many of both and while conversations can be fun and very interactive (like if your talking to a friend),… Read More

So lately (more like since the beginning of the semester) I have been going to the gym and taking different classes at Cary Street Gym, it was apart of my New Year resolutions since I barely make them and when I do I would never actually follow through on them. Anyways I never thought I… Read More

We have Spring Break coming up here soon and I personally cannot wait long enough. It feels like 2nd semester has been sooooooo long but at the exact same time so short. I have been waiting for this break forever, its like the only time I feel as though I can actually breathe without feeling… Read More

Tattoos, don’t you guys just love them? Well I do, I love all the different ways people can express themselves with one and all the different meaning one single tattoo can have to so many people. I got my first tattoo right before I came to college and I am obsessed with it, but I… Read More